Chapter 836 – Purple Air Comes From the East

Chapter 836 – Purple Air Comes From the East

Time slowly passed. From morning to evening, from evening to morning.

The palaces of the Forsaken God Clan were bathed under a gentle light, resplendent in shining gold and jade. Underneath the spells that blanketed the land, all sorts of beautiful flowers and rare trees grew, bringing a peaceful atmosphere to the land. But, this was only the outer appearance. In truth, all members of the Forsaken God Clan were on high alert in order to prevent a possible accident from occurring.

Especially the two Great Elders and Patriarch Shibai, they were completely concentrated on their task and were in no way more relaxed than Lin Ming.

The three Support Spheres had continued for a day and a half already. Even though the three of them had a deep cultivation, they still needed to occasionally stop and supplement their energy.

Peng! Peng!

The two God Transforming Pills in Lin Ming’s hand lost their lust, breaking into medicinal powder. Lin Ming didn’t directly swallow up the God Transforming Pills and instead used the acupoints of his hands to absorb them. Although this would waste a great deal of the God Transforming Pills’ efficacy, the advantage of this was that Lin Ming wouldn’t take in the pill toxins. At the critical period of Life Destruction, any impure energy he absorbed...

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