Chapter 834 Breakthrough, Begin

Chapter 834 – Breakthrough, Begin

“It’s really you guys! I never thought that it would be a year before we’d meet again.” Lin Ming said with some feeling in his voice. He glanced at Duanmu Qun and the others’ cultivations. Duanmu Qun had reached the peak of a three star Fey King, and was just a step away from becoming a four star Fey King. Because the Fey practiced different cultivation systems from humans, a four star Fey King was equal to a second stage Life Destruction martial artist.

As for Lan Xin and Feng Shen, they had smoothly stepped into the three star Fey King realm. This cultivation was considered stronger than the late Revolving Core but just a tad weaker than the first stage of Life Destruction.

All three of them were Emperor level talents and they were much older than Lin Ming. From the point they met until now, none of them lost to Lin Ming in terms of cultivation. It was just that their total comprehensive combat strength was inferior.

“That’s right! It’s nice to see you again too. This last year we’ve been exploring all sorts of danger zones in the four Divine Kingdoms. Although we haven’t obtained much, we have still experienced a number of life or death crises as well as having dueled with many heroic young elites of the Sky Spill Continent. We’ve lost some and also won some and managed to gain some insights. Brother Lin, do you plan on returning to the Holy Demon Continent in the next few years?”

Duanmu Qun spoke these words with a true essence sound transmission. When he heard of Lin Lanjian, he had a premonition that this youth was likely to be Lin Ming. Now that he was able to confirm his guess, he was naturally aware that Lin Ming’s status was sensitive, and the Holy Demon Continent was also a secret that couldn’t be easily revealed to others. Otherwise, if others knew that Lin Ming had a method to reach another continent, that would cause unnecessary trouble for him.

“Holy Demon Continent… indeed, I would like to go back some time.”

Lin Ming had always remembered the Road of Emperor. That was a place he wanted to return to, but his strength was simply too lacking at the moment.

“I plan on returning in a few years. You can stay near the Forsaken God Clan. If I plan on returning then I will leave behind a message in the Forsaken God Clan.”

The Sky Spill Continent’s central region was an extremely vast area. Even if one had special sound transmitting talismans, it was still impossible to send a message millions of miles away, not to mention that the central region was over a dozen million miles wide. Wanting to find someone with a sound transmitting talisman wouldn’t be easy at all, so leaving behind a sound transmission mark really wasn’t too meaningful.

“Good, we also wanted to take that time and return in a few years. We’ve made a great deal of harvests during this adventure in the Sky Spill Continent.” Lan Xin said with a bright smile. Broadening one’s horizon was extremely important to the growth of a martial artist, even if she didn’t have many lucky chances in the meantime.

“Brother Lin, I would like to know how confident you are in this battle. I heard that the Asura Divine Kingdom has already called over Ascetics as well as some hidden talents.” The previously silent Feng Shen suddenly said. In this past year he had gained a much deeper understanding of the martial artists in the Sky Spill Continent’s central region as well as just how terrifying the deep background of the Asura Divine Kingdom was. Even though he was well aware of just how strong Lin Ming was, Feng Shen couldn’t help but feel some worry for his friend.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He shook his head and said, “I have no way to estimate my chances after breaking through Life Destruction, or just what degree my strength will reach. I also don’t know how powerful the Asura Divine Kingdom’s masters will be. I can’t say that I’m not feeling pressured; otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the chance to come to this restaurant to relax. This is a gamble where I don’t even know the cards in my own hands. Of course, the Asura Divine Kingdom is also the same. No one will know just who the winner will be until the last moment.”

As the several of them were speaking, a burst of heavenly music sounded out in the air. As they looked outside the window they could see that a golden divine carriage was slowly flying in the air, being pulled by two majestic vicious beats. One side of this divine carriage was engraved with a two handled furnace, and the other side was carved with the character ‘Yun’ in flourishing writing.

The appearance of this divine carriage quickly caught everyone’s attention.

“That’s the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s divine carriage!”

“The ‘Yun’ character… that should be the Nine Furnace Crown Prince, Yang Yun! Even Yang Yun has come!”

“That’s understandable. I’ve heard the rumors that Yang Yun has taken a liking towards Lin Lanjian and appreciates his talents very much. For the likes of a battle that has never been recorded in the ancient texts, he would certainly want to come experience it!”

Yang Yun had an unshakeable status in the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. He hadn’t fought in over 10 years, and his cultivation was also hidden. No one knew just what sort of boundary he had reached.

Some rumors said that Yang Yun had been stuck at a bottleneck and his cultivation hadn’t improved in a long time.

However, some other rumors said that Yang Yun’s strength was fathomless, and that he was deliberately concealing it.

As for what the truth was, no one knew.

“Yang Yun…” Duanmu Qun’s eyebrows shot up. He said with a true essence sound transmission, “I have seen this person before. He is quite a fearful person and I don’t wish to see him again for now. Brother Lin, we shall be on our way first.” After Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin decided a method to contact each other, they bid their farewells.

The divine carriage shined with a golden light. A young man with a gentle temperament surrounded himself in true essence as he floated down from the skies.

“I didn’t expect that even Crown Prince Your Highness would also personally make a visit. I am truly honored.” Lin Ming went out to greet Yang Yun, secretly observing him in the meantime. Yang Yun hadn’t changed at all. His dantian was still covered by a layer of mist and it was impossible to discern his cultivation.

Even though Lin Ming had a formidable divine sense, he still couldn’t see just how deep Yang Yun’s cultivation was.

According to popular rumors, Yang Yun had been born to a beautiful concubine in the Nine Furnace Divine Emperor’s harem. That woman’s martial talent had been ordinary, and Yang Yun had also showed an ordinary martial arts talent, nothing special at all. But at 12 years of age, his martial arts potential suddenly skyrocketed in a stunning style, and at that point his ascension became unstoppable.

In the martial arts world, this sort of situation was relatively minor but it wasn’t too rare. For instance, someone like the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had both ups and down in his life and had managed to reach great heights in his future.

“Haha, Brother Lin, there is no need to be polite. I really didn’t expect for Brother Lin to show such bravery and challenge all the Life Destruction powerhouses of a Divine Kingdom at just the first stage of Life Destruction.”

Lin Ming said, “I was forced into a dead end. My only choice was to walk into the jaws of death and hope to be reborn from there.”

“Mm… The Asura Divine Kingdom is quite determined. If Brother Lin can truly win this unrivalled battle then I can guarantee that the Asura Divine Kingdom will no longer look to trouble Brother Lin anymore.”

Yang Yun solemnly promised. Lin Ming laughed and said, “Thank you for your good intentions Brother Yang.”

If Lin Ming could win this battle and cross another two to three stages of Life Destruction under the shelter of the Forsaken God Clan, then at that time even if he revealed some other secrets he had such as the Cosmic Melting Furnace, Burning Star Flame, or Nine Heavens Thunder Soul, those old Divine Sea fellows would no longer covet his treasures. This was the status and deterrence brought by strength.

Now there were already many powers thinking to win over Lin Ming.

Yang Yun deeply glanced at Lin Ming’s dantian and changed the topic, “But before then, if Brother Lin wishes to cross Life Destruction, it might not be as easy as you think. Actually, I’ve prepared a small gift for Brother Lin.”

Yang Yun took out a wood spirit jade box. After opening it, Lin Ming was bewildered as he saw what was inside.

Inside this wood spirit jade box were two God Transforming Pills!

A God Transforming Pill was extremely precious. It could increase the chances for a Life Destruction powerhouse to enter the Divine Sea. The Asura Divine Kingdom had once offered a single God Transforming Pill as the reward for capturing Lin Ming.

This sort of pill was simply wasted as a gift for a Revolving Core martial artist to break into Life Destruction.

Lin Ming didn’t think that Yang Yun would gift him a God Transforming Pill. Moreover, he had even given him two! Did he know that the difficulty of his attempt to cross Life Destruction was different from a normal martial artist? Otherwise, why would he gift him two God Transforming Pills that only high stage Life Destruction powerhouses would use?

Lin Ming couldn’t help but think this.

Yang Yun didn’t seem affected. He faintly smiled and said, “A minor gift. I hope this can help Brother Lin safely cross Life Destruction. Please, accept it.”

Two God Transforming Pills would truly help Lin Ming be much more confident in crossing Life Destruction. But as he saw Yang Yun’s expression, he couldn’t help but feel something strange in his heart. “Brother Yang’s gift is too heavy; I can’t accept this.”

Even in an alchemy Holy Land like the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, it would still take at least 100,000 spirit essence stones to produce a single God Transforming Pill. If it were released into the public, it would sell for at least 300,000 spirit essence stones! Otherwise, why would the Asura Divine Kingdom use this as a reward?

Even so, the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom placed strict limits on the sale of the God Transforming Pill. No one wanted to help train the masters of enemies.

Two God Transforming Pills was enough to cause any high stage Life Destruction martial artist on the Destiny Decree to go mad with jealousy. Lin Ming didn’t wish to owe such a favor to Yang Yun.

Yang Yun seemed to have seen through Lin Ming’s thoughts. He slightly chuckled and said, “Brother, there is no need to refuse. I already know that you will need this. When a martial artist crosses Life Destruction, it is just like a vicious beast crossing heavenly tribulation. The more powerful the vicious beast, the more difficult their tribulation will become, because the heavens simply don’t wish to accommodate them. If Brother Lin crosses Life Destruction, it is the same as a divine flood dragon turning into a True Dragon. Once you cross the dragon gate and soar into the skies, you will certainly soar through the world unhindered.”

As Yang Yun spoke, Lin Ming’s suspicions grew even heavier. He maintained his calm and said, “Humans are different from vicious beasts… vicious beasts must undergo divine tribulation because their cultivation defies the heavens, and thus the heavens will not accommodate them. A more powerful vicious beast will naturally find their tribulation harder to cross. But a martial artist’s Life Destruction is to disintegrate the mortal body and reform it from the beginning. Rather, the more solid of a foundation a martial artist has, the easier it will be for them to cross Life Destruction.”

“Haha, I know, but sometimes there are people that are similar to vicious beasts.” Yang Yun said with a laugh as if he were speaking randomly. Lin Ming’s eyebrows knit together; he always felt that Yang Yun had some other intent.

“Brother Lin, this is only two God Transforming Pills, it’s not much of a favor at all. If you feel guilty in your heart then consider me having lent you them. After you win your battle you will surely obtain a great harvest. At that time, you can easily repay me 400,000 spirit essence stones!”

Yang Yun’s manner was very easy and carefree. Lin Ming could only put away the suspicious feeling he had and accept the God Transforming Pills. These were truly something that he needed at this time. To him, crossing Life Destruction was a tremendous challenge. Failure was equal to a death sentence!

Thus, even if these two God Transforming Pills could only increase his chances by a few percent, he was still willing to buy them with a credit of 400,000 spirit essence stones.

It was only that he felt that Yang Yun was increasingly mysterious.

After Yang Yun, more heroic young elites arrived, including even the Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s Li Yifeng.

“Haha, this place is so lively! I really came at the right time! I was confined for such a long time that I felt I was going to suffocate to death!” To be able to participate in such a never before seen event, Li Yifeng rubbed his hands, even more excited than before. Because he had stirred up so much trouble as he was out ‘adventuring’, and also did so much mischief, he had been reported by his fiancée and was then punished with confinement again. This time, he had used the excuse of wishing to ‘learn by observation’ and managed to sneak his way out. Naturally, he was very happy.

“I have no idea who this Lin Lanjian is or where he came from, but he’s even crazier than me.”

Li Yifeng loudly said. Even though he was also at the peak of the late Revolving Core, he could only barely contend with a Life Destruction powerhouse.

“He is a Destiny Decree master, of course he’s crazier than you.” The young maid by his side mercilessly said. Although she thought highly of Li Yifeng in her heart, she knew the disparity between an ordinary Life Destruction powerhouse and a Destiny Decree master.

The two of them didn’t realize that Lin Lanjian was Lin Ming. The main reason for this was that they had been punished with confinement and didn’t hear much news from the outside. But, after learning that such a mystical fight was about to erupt that was unprecedented since ancient times, both of them couldn’t wait to watch it. They had no further information about Lin Lanjian, such as his cultivation method or weapons he used. Otherwise, they would have discovered similarities with Lin Ming and naturally formed an association.

“I apologize, but Sir Lin Lanjian has already closed up to attack Life Destruction. He is not taking any guests!”

In front of the Elders Palace, two guards icily responded to Li Yifeng and the young maid. Li Yifeng loved to meet heroes of the world, so he naturally wouldn’t miss out on Lin Lanjian. However, he had been a step too late.

“He’s already closed up?” Li Yifeng’s eyes lit up. If this were true then after gathering energy for two or three days, Lin Lanjian would detonate all of the energy within him and officially attack Life Destruction. That would truly be a grand event!

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