Chapter 834 – Breakthrough, Begin

Chapter 834 – Breakthrough, Begin

“It’s really you guys! I never thought that it would be a year before we’d meet again.” Lin Ming said with some feeling in his voice. He glanced at Duanmu Qun and the others’ cultivations. Duanmu Qun had reached the peak of a three star Fey King, and was just a step away from becoming a four star Fey King. Because the Fey practiced different cultivation systems from humans, a four star Fey King was equal to a second stage Life Destruction martial artist.

As for Lan Xin and Feng Shen, they had smoothly stepped into the three star Fey King realm. This cultivation was considered stronger than the late Revolving Core but just a tad weaker than the first stage of Life Destruction.

All three of them were Emperor level talents and they were much older than Lin Ming. From the point they met until now, none of them lost to Lin Ming in terms of cultivation. It was just that their total comprehensive combat strength was inferior.

“That’s right! It’s nice to see you again too. This last year we’ve been exploring all sorts of danger zones in the four Divine Kingdoms. Although we haven’t obtained much, we have still experienced a number of life or death crises as well as having dueled with many heroic young elites of the Sky Spill Continent. We’ve lost some and also won some and managed to gain some insights. Brother Lin, do you plan on returning to the Holy Demon Continent in the next few years?”

Duanmu Qun spoke these words with a true essence sound transmission. When...

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