Chapter 833 Situ Yaoyue

Chapter 833 – Situ Yaoyue

From the time the gauntlet had been laid down to the start of the battle, there was around three months. Lin Ming wasn’t anxious. Normally, a martial artist would need around half a month of time to cross the first stage of Life Destruction. Lin Ming estimated that 40 days would be enough.

As for the first month and a half of time, that was mainly used to restore the wound in his soul as well as ease his mind, adjusting his mental state in addition to meditating on the Concept of Thunder jade slip that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had left behind.

Breaking through the first stage of Life Destruction was an extremely dangerous event for Lin Ming. He would need to be in his top condition for that.

As time passed, more and more martial artists began arriving at the dimensional realm, and the Forsaken God Clan welcomed them all with open arms. Every martial artist at the Houtian realm or higher would only need to provide a valid form of identification before being allowed inside.

But later, even though the dimensional realm that the Forsaken God Clan inhabited was vast, it still became a bit crowded, requiring a few restrictions to be placed on the entry requirements.

“That area is where the Asura Divine Kingdom’s martial artists are staying.”

Within the dimensional realm, several martial artists pointed at a large black tower that floated in the skies.

This over 200 foot tall pagoda was suspended high in the air with black light shimmering all around it, releasing a formidable field of energy. A weaker martial artist felt a tremendous pressure when they approached. This caused the true essence in their bodies to run amok, forcing them to step back.

“The Asura Divine Kingdom is really sending a message that they want to eat up Lin Lanjian. They actually set up their base just 10 miles away from the Elders Palace. That black tower in itself is a type of dwelling type treasure. It can be stored in a spatial ring, and once taken out it can grow by hundreds of feet; it is extremely convenient.”

As everyone was speaking, a team of black-clothed martial artists suddenly flew into the skies, silent like a pack of black ghosts. The man at the head was wearing black robes, and as he stepped on the air barefoot, his handsome and elegant appearance combined with his long black hair that fluttered in the wind unexpectedly gave him a somewhat ethereal flavor.

His aura was immeasurably deep, like a vast ocean. All of the martial artists present weren’t able to guess his cultivation.

“Who is that? He’s too horrifying. Just by looking at him I feel as if I’ve seen a mountain peak that I can never reach.” A middle Revolving Core martial artist said with a tinge of fear.

Generally speaking, a middle Revolving Core martial artist could see the cultivation of a high stage Life Destruction martial artist, as long as they didn’t use some secret method to conceal it.

But that handsome man that flew up just now obviously wasn’t covering up his dantian. Still, no one could see just what realm he had reached.

“Is… that a Divine Sea powerhouse? The Asura Divine Kingdom has actually sent over a Divine Sea Supreme Elder?”

“He is not at the Divine Sea, definitely not!” A late Revolving Core martial artist shook his head. “I can vaguely make out that man’s cultivation. He is still at Life Destruction. If I’m not wrong, then he is one of the Asura Divine Kingdom’s Ascetics. It’s highly likely his is the one ranked number 12 on the Destiny Decree, Situ Luosha!”

“Situ Luosha…”

As the martial artists heard this guess, there was a collective gasp. In the Asura Divine Kingdom, besides masters like the Demon Envoys and Imperial Scholars, there were also Ascetics. These talents were the top masters of the Asura Divine Kingdom.

Demon Envoys and Imperial Scholars usually had to perform a variety of tasks issued forth by the Asura Divine Kingdom. They were responsible for managing the country and this would inevitably cause them to waste some of their energy, making it so that they couldn’t wholeheartedly devote their time to their cultivation.

Thus, Imperial Scholars and Demon Envoys usually never ranked past the top 30 on the Destiny Decree. There were even many of them, such as Bi Ruyu or the red-clothed little boy, that were already 1000-2000 years old and had simply no chance of breaking through to the Divine Sea realm. If these people died, the Asura Divine Kingdom wouldn’t miss them too much.

But an Ascetic was different. They were extraordinary talents amongst extraordinary talents. Their only mission in life was to cultivate well and to break through to the Divine Sea!

The Asura Divine Kingdom had invested a massive amount of resources into every one of these individuals. Losing one would be a backbreaking loss, but losing six or seven of them was the same as losing a Divine Sea Supreme Elder.

An Ascetic’s strength could be said to be immeasurably deep. For instance, the current Situ Luosha was ranked twelfth on the Destiny Decree, but the truth was that this was only a ranking formed from the estimation of Destiny Grasp. Situ Luosha had not fought for over 10 years, and his last match had also been a Destiny Decree master, moreover their ranking hadn’t been low either. But that person had still died to a single palm strike from Situ Luosha, as if they were nothing more than an ant.

After such a long lapse of time, rumors spread that Situ Luosha was nearing the Divine Sea boundary. There was even a 30-40% chance he would make a breakthrough in the next 20 years.

At that time, Situ Luosha would be a little over 100 years old.

Those powerhouses that truly broke through to the Divine Sea mostly broke through at around a hundred years of age. As for those that broke through at several hundred or even a thousand years of age, that was usually completely dependent on whether or not they found any lucky chances.

And the strength of the people who made a breakthrough this way would often be far inferior to those Divine Sea powerhouses who made a breakthrough with their own strength. Thus, it could be imagined just how terrifying Situ Luosha actually was!

“Situ Luosha has arrived, and they haven’t even bothered to conceal his whereabouts. Perhaps… perhaps this might mean that the Asura Divine Kingdom has not only Situ Luosha, but even some other unknown Ascetic that’s been hidden away. That person would be the Asura Divine Kingdom’s true hidden card!”

“If they are even bringing out their Ascetics, the Asura Divine Kingdom is really placing everything they have in this battle. I feel that Lin Lanjian’s chances aren’t looking too good…”

“Not even that. I feel that he…” The martial artist paused, looking towards the area where the Forsaken God Clan was with a bit of fear in his eyes.

“Consider this conversation over. Anything else we say is just absurd nonsense without meaning. This situation has already surpassed the scope of our understanding. For praying mantises to talk about whether a tiger or lion is more powerful, there simply isn’t any significance to that at all.”

“That’s right, the disparity is just too great…” The martial artist sighed with emotion. Everyone here was a martial artist, yet how could the disparity be so great?


At this time, on the highest level of the black tower, a handsome, ethereal man was kneeling on the floor, respectfully greeting Situ Haotian. He said with a magnetic voice, “Divine Emperor Your Majesty, Luosha has arrived to carry out your orders.”

“Mm, well done. You should already know the general situation. Your match right now is only a single first stage Life Destruction martial artist named Lin Lanjian. Do not underestimate him because of his lower cultivation. His life is tough and he is extremely strong! This battle against him may be difficult for you, but it will also be the best tool to sharpen yourself!”

Situ Haotian sat at the head seat, the atmosphere around him commanding and domineering. When he said that Lin Ming’s life was ‘tough’, he didn’t mean that his defensive abilities were high, but rather that he saw Lin Ming as having the life and destiny of a Peerless Emperor. This sort of person was extremely difficult to kill. They would often survive even the direst of deathtraps set for them, giving those that wanted to kill them nothing but headaches.

“Everything shall be as Your Majesty desires. Luosha will not look down on any enemy.” The black-robed man’s expression was calm, his eyes shining like black gems in the night. From his gaze, Situ Haotian could see a solemn and earnest light. This made him very satisfied.

“This battle greatly concerns your destiny and the momentum you’ve accumulated throughout your entire life. If you can win then you will reach the Divine Sea within 10 years! But if you lose, this will cause a tremendous setback in your road of reaching the Divine Sea. Whether or not you can overcome this challenge will all depend on you!”

“Luosha understands!”

“Good! You may leave now.” Situ Haotian waved his hand and took a deep breath. His tranquil expression contained a sharp energy to it as if it were the calm before a storm.

“Haotian, you even called out Luosha! Aren’t you being too careful about this? He was even in the crucial stage of his closing up period.” After Luosha left, a slightly older woman walked out from a side room, her voice tinted with dissatisfaction.

Situ Haotian looked at his own elder sister and lightly humphed, “Luosha must come, otherwise who will fight Lin Lanjian? Not only will I call Luosha but I will even summon Yaoyue.”

“You even want to bring Yaoyue here? Are you joking with me? Not only is she closing up right now, but her status in itself is a great secret. Do you want everyone on this continent to know of her? Do you want her to stay in the Asura Divine Kingdom, never going out for adventuring or experience before she reaches the Divine Sea? And for what? Dealing with a boy that would just have broken through to the first stage of Life Destruction? Don’t forget that this is a war of attrition with endless opponents. We can simply grind and grind and grind him to death!”

“Yaoxi! My Asura Divine Kingdom has already suffered two great losses under this Lin Lanjian! And what progress have we made? I have already said that Lin Lanjian has the destiny of a Peerless Emperor. Even if you think you’ve laid down a flawless killing trap, he can still escape safely as before! To deal with this sort of person you must put out a power several times his total strength and kill him with absolute, overwhelming speed and power! Otherwise there will be no end to our troubles in the future!

“This battle is too important to the future of my Asura Divine Kingdom. We cannot afford to lose nor can we lose. If Lin Lanjian dares to accept this revolving battle of attrition then he certainly has a special method to deal with it. We must guarantee not only the quantity of powerhouses we send out but also the quality. This is all in order to make it so that victory is guaranteed! If it wasn’t for the fact that the Forsaken God Clan’s background is too deep, I would rather launch a national war!”

Situ Haotian’s tone revealed a firm and decisive feeling to it.

“You would rather start a national war? You are mad!” Situ Yaoxi said with a completely unbelievable expression. She simply didn’t agree with Situ Haotian’s opinion. “Who cares about the life of some Peerless Emperor? Just because you suffered two losses you have become frightened all of a sudden? No matter what, you are still the Divine Emperor and all decisions are made by you. But let me give you a warning. Yaoyue is the most magnificent talent that our bloodline has seen for the last thousand years. Her future potential is limitless. Not only will she reach the Divine Sea, but she will also become an extraordinary individual among all Divine Sea powerhouses. She even has a chance of inheriting your throne in the future. Since you must interrupt her seclusion then you must pay her back with enough resources!”

“Humph, if Yaoyue can win this battle, it is a good fortune for her. To defeat someone with the life of Peerless Emperor will help accumulate her own momentum and carve the confidence and destiny she needs into her bones. This is not something that mere closed door seclusion can ever compare with.”

As Situ Haotian spoke to here he stood up, no longer wanting to speak nonsense with his elder sister.

He walked to the window and looked towards the starry skies. In this dimensional realm, the Laws approached that of the boundless universe. The stars here could also produce light, and the falling rays didn’t diminish either.

As he looked up at the dazzling stars above him, Situ Haotian began speaking to himself. “Lin Lanjian, you might be the most splendid star that the Sky Spill Continent has ever seen. If I knew earlier that you would be able to obtain the protection of the Forsaken God Clan, then I would rather have given up the Demon Emperor’s inheritances than form enmity with you. But what a pity, swords have already left their sheaths and there is no longer a path of retreat for any of us, and now I must destroy you.”


Ten days later, the dimensional realm of the Forsaken God Clan could be called a gathering of heroes. Divine Kingdom Princes, High Princes, High Successors, as well as fifth-grade sects and Holy Lands with their direct disciples and Elders and more had arrived.

This was a sort of battle that had never appeared in the history of the Sky Spill Continent. A youth with a mere first stage Life Destruction cultivation had challenged all the Life Destruction powerhouses of a Divine Kingdom!

This was simply an unrivalled, never before seen talent.

“Brother Lin, are you feeling some pressure?” In a nearby restaurant, a handsome and sharp-eared young man said with a pleasant smile.

Lin Ming was stunned as he looked at the three heroic young elites that had appeared in front of him. They were actually Lan Xin, Feng Shen, and Duanmu Qun!

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