Chapter 833 – Situ Yaoyue

Chapter 833 – Situ Yaoyue

From the time the gauntlet had been laid down to the start of the battle, there was around three months. Lin Ming wasn’t anxious. Normally, a martial artist would need around half a month of time to cross the first stage of Life Destruction. Lin Ming estimated that 40 days would be enough.

As for the first month and a half of time, that was mainly used to restore the wound in his soul as well as ease his mind, adjusting his mental state in addition to meditating on the Concept of Thunder jade slip that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had left behind.

Breaking through the first stage of Life Destruction was an extremely dangerous event for Lin Ming. He would need to be in his top condition for that.

As time passed, more and more martial artists began arriving at the dimensional realm, and the Forsaken God Clan welcomed them all with open arms. Every martial artist at the Houtian realm or higher would only need to provide a valid form of identification before being allowed inside.

But later, even though the dimensional realm that the Forsaken God Clan inhabited was vast, it still became a bit crowded, requiring a few restrictions to be placed on the entry requirements.

“That area is where the Asura Divine Kingdom’s martial artists are staying.”

Within the dimensional realm, several martial artists pointed at a large black tower that floated in the skies.


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