Chapter 832 – The Coming Storm, The Rising Tide

Chapter 832 – The Coming Storm, The Rising Tide

“Little Brother Lin, you were too impulsive!” Shibai helplessly said to Lin Ming after the martial artists from the Asura Divine Kingdom left. But even though he said this, he knew that the Forsaken God Clan by themselves were unable to shield Lin Ming from the wrath of the Asura Divine Kingdom. The Forsaken God Clan would need to have at least half the strength of the Seven Star Divine Kingdom before they and the Asura Divine Kingdom could tear into each other.

Lin Ming also didn’t know just what his chances of victory were. He looked at Shibai and said, “As far as I know, the Asura Divine Kingdom doesn’t have many top 20 ranked Destiny Decree masters, right?”

“Yes.” Shibai nodded, “But that is only on the surface. No one knows exactly what the truth is. Being in the top 20 of the Destiny Decree means you have an extremely high chance...

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