Chapter 831 – Battle

Chapter 831 – Battle

“You really have no concept of death or danger! Do you really think you are invincible as long as you can cross Life Destruction? How ridiculous!” The one who spoke was Situ Haotian’s elder disciple – Situ Bai.

Situ Bai was not a genuine martial artist of the Situ Family Clan, but was a top talent adopted as a child and bestowed the last name Situ while also being received as Situ Haotian’s elder disciple. His Destiny Decree ranking was even higher than the Great Demon Envoy’s.

“I don’t need anyone else. After you reach Life Destruction, I, Situ Bai, will be more than enough to handle you!”

“Good. Then I’ll wait for you.” Lin Ming fervently said.

“Brother Hao, don’t be so hasty!” The Great Demon Envoy hurriedly said with a true essence sound transmission. Situ Bai didn’t understand Lin Ming, but the Great Demon Envoy did. He had suffered a great loss under Lin Ming and was well aware of the fate of those that underestimated him.

Situ Bai wanted to speak further, but at this time Situ Haotian coldly shouted, “Step back!”


“I said step back!”

“Yes…” Even if Situ Bai appeared unwilling to accept this, he could only withdraw.

Situ Haotian stepped forwards, his eyes shining as he stared at Lin Ming. “You want to challenge all of the Life Destruction powerhouses of my Asura Divine Kingdom by ...

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