Chapter 830 – However Many Come, I’ll Take That Many

Chapter 830 – However Many Come, I’ll Take That Many

There wasn’t even a table in the hall anymore. Nearly all of the martial artists stood up at once. The young martial artists of the Asura Divine Kingdom stared at Lin Ming, their throats twitching. Even the Great Demon Envoy and Situ Haotian’s great disciple had strange expressions on their faces. This Lin Ming was simply too freakish. A late Revolving Core realm martial artist had actually been able to withstand the might of a Divine Emperor!

The truth was they didn’t know that Situ Bonan’s battle spirit projection had been destroyed by Lin Ming. Situ Bonan definitely wouldn’t make such a disgraceful and embarrassing matter public to the juniors. If they had known about this then they certainly wouldn’t be surprised by what just happened now.

“Patriarch Shibai, do you really want to?” Situ Haotian stood up and Situ Yaoxi followed after.

At this time, the masked old man sitting in the corner also stood up. As he rose to his feet, countless vague and indistinct array symbols began to fill the entire great hall. A vast and potent energy exuded from these array symbols, as if the entire great hall had come alive.

This was a sign that the Realmheart array formation would soon activate!

Situ Haotian was normally assertive and dominant in his actions, but even he knew that fighting now was the worst decision to...

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