Chapter 829 – Confrontation

Chapter 829 – Confrontation

“Realmheart Great Hall?” The Asura Divine Emperor Situ Haotian frowned as he noticed where the meeting place was. The heart of a dimensional realm was the cornerstone of that entire world; it was indestructible.

An array formation was engraved in the Realmheart Great Hall. The array heart was fused as one with the Realmheart. If one wished to forcefully break the array, they would have to destroy the Realmheart. But, this was simply impossible.

If this array formation was driven by a Divine Sea Supreme Elder, then its power could be imagined.

In other words, once they entered into this great hall in front of them, they would immediately be at a disadvantage. If a fight were to start then they would be in a perilous situation!

“Please!” The leading guard gestured in invitation, a trace of a smile on his face.

If they entered the Realmheart Great Hall then they would have lost the initiative. But if they didn’t then they would weaken their momentum; how would they then be able to force out Lin Ming?

Situ Haotian sneered and lifted his foot to walk inside.

“Your Majesty, you cannot!” As the Great Demon Envoy saw Situ Haotian about to enter the Realmheart Great Hall, he immediately cried out to stop him.

Situ Haotian coldly snorted. “I am the noble Asura Divine Kingdom’s Divine Emperor. How can I not enter a mere great hall! My Asura Divine...

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