Chapter 827 – Shibai

Chapter 827 – Shibai

“He actually entered the Forsaken God Clan….” The Asura Divine Emperor was thoughtful for a moment.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Situ Chuan had seen Lin Ming’s true face at the Nine Flowers Banquet, and that he was able to confirm that there was no bloodline curse seal on his face, then the Asura Divine Emperor would have believed that Lin Ming had originated from the Forsaken God Clan. The Forsaken God Clan had an extremely mystical background, and it was highly possible that they could raise a heroic young elite like Lin Ming who defied all common sense. The Forsaken God Clan had existed for countless years and had produced far too many top talents.

At this moment, a guard of the Forsaken God Clan greeted them. “Who are you?”

“We are from the Asura Divine Kingdom, here to visit the Forsaken God Clan Patriarch. Have him come meet us quickly!”

There was no need for the Asura Divine Emperor to speak, as Situ Chuan had already taken the initiative to reply. With his status as an Asura Prince, he was simply disinclined to bother with these lowly Xiantian realm guards. He began emitting the aura of a Life Destruction powerhouse. The Forsaken God Clan guard was only a Xiantian martial artist, so he felt tremendous pressure in the face of this overwhelming aura.

Asura Divine Kingdom?

The Asura Divine Kingdom was one of the four great powers. Even a Holy Land level power wouldn’t dare to be rash in front...

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