Chapter 826 – Forsaken God Clan, Dimensional Realm

Chapter 826 – Forsaken God Clan, Dimensional Realm

“According to the letter left behind by the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, this mountain peak is where the entrance to the Forsaken God Clan is.”

Lin Ming thought out loud, looking at the massive mountain peak in front of him that looked like an ox head.

A dimensional realm was different from a minor dimension. A dimensional realm could be dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of miles in length. The power of space within was also very stable. Once a dimensional realm was born, then it could exist for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years without collapsing.

The broken world the Demon God Imperial Palace was in could be considered a small dimensional realm.

The martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent simply didn’t have the ability to split apart the void and create their own dimensional realm. These worlds were all formed naturally due to a variety of reasons. Because a dimensional realm was located in a hidden world, it was easy to defend from attacks. Every discovery of a new dimensional realm would cause intense struggle amongst all the major powers. The four Divine Kingdoms each had their own dimensional realms. For a sect to be able to lay down a base in a dimensional realm, that was in itself a manifestation and representation of their strength.

The ox-head-like mountain peak was covered in a light fog. The mountain...

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