Chapter 825 – The Asura Divine Emperor Moves

Chapter 825 – The Asura Divine Emperor Moves

Asura Divine Palace –

A dark grey corridor was lit up with the flickering flames of burning crimson torches. At the end of this corridor was a vast chamber with a ferocious demon statue.

A red-clothed little boy and a middle-aged man respectfully stood in front of this statue. Beside the little boy was a black-clothed deacon. This deacon was holding a tray in his hands, and on the tray were placed four lifesoul jade slips, three of which had cracked and the last one was completely crushed to pieces.

All of the high level personnel of the Asura Divine Kingdom were required to leave behind a lifesoul jade slip within the Divine Palace. The Asura Divine Kingdom created the lifesoul jade slips with a special arcane skill, making it so that the martial artist only suffered the slightest amount of damage from it.

“They’ve died…”

A commanding and elusive voice echoed out within the chamber. The red-clothed little boy and the middle-aged man hung their heads low, with even a bit of fear and awe in their hearts.

“This subordinate is incompetent!”

Even as Destiny Decree ranked masters they felt a tremendous pressure in front of a true Divine Sea Supreme Elder.

The tray in the black-clothed deacon’s hands flew up and the four...

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