Chapter 825 The Asura Divine Emperor Moves

Chapter 825 – The Asura Divine Emperor Moves

Asura Divine Palace –

A dark grey corridor was lit up with the flickering flames of burning crimson torches. At the end of this corridor was a vast chamber with a ferocious demon statue.

A red-clothed little boy and a middle-aged man respectfully stood in front of this statue. Beside the little boy was a black-clothed deacon. This deacon was holding a tray in his hands, and on the tray were placed four lifesoul jade slips, three of which had cracked and the last one was completely crushed to pieces.

All of the high level personnel of the Asura Divine Kingdom were required to leave behind a lifesoul jade slip within the Divine Palace. The Asura Divine Kingdom created the lifesoul jade slips with a special arcane skill, making it so that the martial artist only suffered the slightest amount of damage from it.

“They’ve died…”

A commanding and elusive voice echoed out within the chamber. The red-clothed little boy and the middle-aged man hung their heads low, with even a bit of fear and awe in their hearts.

“This subordinate is incompetent!”

Even as Destiny Decree ranked masters they felt a tremendous pressure in front of a true Divine Sea Supreme Elder.

The tray in the black-clothed deacon’s hands flew up and the four jade slips floated up under the force of energy.

A black light shot forth from the demon statue, firing towards the most broken of the four lifesoul jade slips, completely covering the ruined pieces.

A faint trace of energy dissipated from the lifesoul jade slip.

“The soul is completely burned, blood essence depleted, the body turned to ash, this is… the Death Reaper Curse?”

A formless voice thought out loud. Before the second Demon Envoy died, he had used the Death Reaper Curse. This was very surprising. Just who had killed him that he didn’t hesitate to use this Death Reaper Curse that eliminated all chances of him entering the reincarnation cycle of samsara?

The Death Reaper Curse was useless against anyone far stronger than oneself. It could only be used by those with equivalent strength or just a tad stronger. Just who was this curse placed on?

Lin Lanjian?

By all reasoning, Lin Lanjian simply shouldn’t have the strength to kill the second Demon Envoy. But in the complex and dangerous environment of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, events that occurred within there couldn’t be speculated with by common sense.


The jade slip fragments vanished. The black statue gently trembled and the Divine Sea powerhouse had already left. In the next moment he appeared in front of a dark mountain peak.

There were deep valleys dotting this mountain. In some of the valleys, there was an incomparably rich heaven and earth origin energy. Spirit flowers and spirit grass grew everywhere in full bloom.

“Royal Princess!” The owner of the voice appeared. He was an exceptionally tall middle-aged man. His eyes each had two pupils and his eyebrows swooped up like swords. He exuded the aura of a king from head to toe; he was the Asura Divine Kingdom’s Divine Emperor, Situ Haotian.

The Royal Princess was his older sister, Situ Yaoxi. Situ Yaoxi had reached the Divine Sea a thousand years ago after reaching the sixth stage of Life Destruction. Now, she remained at the early Divine Sea realm. Although her strength wasn’t too outstanding, she was extremely talented in the aspect of soul force. The reason Situ Haotian came this time was to have Situ Yaoxi examine the shattered jade slip with her divine soul, so she could reconstruct the events of the second Demon Envoy’s death.



A flame burnt in the air. The lifesoul jade slip melted away and several wisps of a fragmented soul flew into the air, forming all sorts of phantoms.

“I cannot reconstruct the scene from his death.” Situ Yaoxi shook her head. The second Demon Envoy had imploded his own soul and not even the slightest bit of information had returned. Even though Situ Yaoxi had a deep understanding of soul force, she was also helpless in this situation.

“At most I can estimate the cultivation of who was cursed and their general position.”

As Situ Yaoxi spoke, she grasped the several wisps of fragmented soul in her hand and sealed them in a red crystal.

“Good!” Situ Haotian nodded.

It was already enough to know the approximate cultivation of the cursed person.

Situ Yaoxi took out a black skull from her spatial ring and poured a thread of her true essence into it. The skull immediately ignited with a pale green flame, as if it were a will o’ the wisp.

She crushed the crystal in her hands. The fist-sized crystal turned into powder that burst into smoke as it flew into the pale green flame.

The powder also contained the fragmented soul. All of it was refined by the fire. A distorted face appeared above the flame; this was the face of the second Demon Envoy.

The face was fuzzy and elusive, composed of countless perplexing scenes. Besides Situ Yaoxi, no one was able to understand what they meant.

This eerie ceremony continued for two hours. The flame gradually extinguished.

“What is the result?” Situ Haotian asked.

Situ Yaoxi hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, “The cursed person’s cultivation should be at the late Revolving Core realm to the first stage of Life Destruction. Their current position is around 100,000 miles southwest of the Seven Star Divine Kingdom. Also, he is continuing to move southwest at a high speed.”

“Late Revolving Core realm to the first stage of Life Destruction! So it really is that little beast….” Situ Haotian didn’t have any expression on his face but his calmness was terrifying. For a late Revolving Core to first stage Life Destruction martial artist to kill the second Envoy and also force him to use the Death Reaper Curse, that person could only be Lin Lanjian.

However, regardless the situation, it was impossible for Lin Lanjian to kill the second Demon Envoy with his strength. He must have borrowed the strange ‘power’ that existed within the 8000 Mile Black Swamp in order to do so. But as to how he borrowed this power and why he didn’t perish alongside it, Situ Haotian found this hard to imagine.

“This little beast has too many secrets on his body! He is simply a treasure trove. There must be more treasures on him besides the Demon Emperor Armor and the Demon Emperor’s inheritance. Everything he has must be greatly beneficial to Divine Sea powerhouses. Once others find out about this then it’s not only us, but also other Divine Sea powerhouses that’ll begin to move!”

“Then your meaning is… you want to leak out this information, so there’s nowhere for Lin Lanjian to hide?”

“Of course not. He’s just a little chick that hasn’t matured yet. We have suffered a small loss, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deal with him. This time I’ll personally go and capture him!”

Situ Haotian’s voice was indifferent, carrying with it the domineering and solemn aura of a Divine Emperor. For him to personally move against a late Revolving Core junior, that was simply unthinkable.

“You really don’t care about your status.” The Royal Princess gently smiled.

“Even a tiger uses all their strength to catch a rabbit. I thought that my Asura Divine Kingdom sending out two great Imperial Scholars and four Demon Envoys was more than enough, but even they fell under Lin Lanjian’s hands! Such a peerless talent will usually have a great destiny on their body; they are simply dragons in human form that will have the life of a future Emperor. To deal with him, we must put out our greatest strength and quickly destroy him. Otherwise, if we always put out strength comparable to his, then the only result will be us helping him grow. He’ll gradually defeat our forces and grow strong enough to annihilate our Asura Divine Kingdom! So… this time you’ll follow me along and assist in divining Lin Lanjian’s position.”

As Situ Haotian spoke, his double pupil eyes burst out with a star-like light, making one’s heart palpitate.

“Destroy our Asura Divine Kingdom? That’s too exaggerated! There’s no one on this continent capable of destroying one of the four Divine Kingdoms by themselves.”

“Just because there hasn’t been anyone in the past doesn’t mean there won’t be anyone in the future. I have a feeling… Lin Lanjian will become such an existence. Sooner or later he’ll cause a panic among all the great powers. He… he doesn’t seem to be a genius that should be able to exist in this world….”

Situ Haotian licked his lips. If he destroyed such a genius and dug out all the secrets from their body, then there was a possibility that he could inherit their luck and destiny, reaching inconceivable heights in the future!

Just fifteen minutes later, a massive Godspeed Boat that was several hundred feet long flew out into the skies above the Asura Divine Palace. Under the control of Situ Haotian, this boat flew towards Lin Ming’s position at an incredible speed.

On this Godspeed boat, there were not only the two Divine Sea powerhouses Situ Haotian and Royal Princess Situ Yaoxi, but also two Imperial Scholars, Situ Haotian’s great disciple, two Asura Divine Kingdom Princes, a number of High Successors, and even Situ Chuan and Situ Feng, who Lin Ming had defeated at the Nine Flowers Banquet.

Situ Chuan could not be any more happy to be given this chance to accompany the Divine Emperor and hunt down Lin Ming. He would never be able to forget the shame of the Nine Flowers Banquet!

“Lin Lanjian, just you wait! Now that my Father Emperor is coming, I want to see just where you’ll run to!”

Situ Chuan stood at the bow of the boat, feeling the strong winds blowing across him. His long hair recklessly blew in the air as he smiled in high spirits.


At this time, southwest of the Seven Star Divine Kingdom, Lin Ming was riding the Godspeed Boat and flying forwards at full speed.

This Godspeed Boat was indeed worthy to be called a top flight treasure. After placing spirit essence stones within and pouring a bit of his true essence, the boat’s speed was not any slower than Lin Ming’s peak speed.

There was a limit to how long Lin Ming could maintain his peak velocity before he became exhausted, but this Godspeed Boat could actually fly without end as long as he had enough spirit essence stones.

In front of him was the dimensional realm where the Forsaken God Clan lived.

To arrive here, Lin Ming was also filled with overwhelming emotion. Back in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, while he didn’t fear the Thunder Dominion and he also had the golden red lightning, Argent White Sword, and Cosmic Melting Furnace as his hidden cards, it had still been an extremely dangerous journey here.

The 8000 Mile Black Swamp was filled with numerous ancient vicious beasts. These vicious beasts were all threatening existences. Out of every ten, at least eight of them were stronger than he was. He had no choice but to depend on the cards in his hands in order to contend with these enemies.

At the most dangerous time, Lin Ming had to hide inside the Cosmic Melting Furnace. The Cosmic Melting Furnace had been savagely slapped by a giant ape like beast. Hiding within the Cosmic Melting Furnace, Lin Ming had been violently shaken, bleeding from the head and nearly dying in the process.

Luckily, he had taken advantage of the period when he had been slapped away and found a chance to catch his breath. He escaped from the Cosmic Melting Furnace, put it away, and revolved his true essence to the limit. He opened the Gate of Wonder and tread on Golden Roc Shattering the Void at full speed to escape into the Thunder Dominion.

But the Thunder Dominion wasn’t safe either. There were also ancient vicious beasts that were able to survive there.

The Thunder Dominion could be said to be the area with the richest and purest thunder origin energy throughout the entire Sky Spill Continent. There were many ancient thunder-attribute vicious beasts that lived there.

Although the vicious beasts of the Thunder Dominion were far more sparse than those at the black swamp, each one of them were incomparably formidable existences. Fortunately, Li Ming had the Argent White Sword to protect himself. By relying on the thunder battle spirit attached to the sword blade, he had barely managed to protect himself.

In this way, Lin Ming sometimes escaped into the Thunder Dominion and sometimes flew closer to the black swamp. He carefully made his way through, and after living through several dangerous situations he finally managed to reach the outer edge of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp.

After reaching the boundary of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, he finally broke through the distorted force field after a great deal of effort. It was no wonder that anyone underneath a Divine Sea powerhouse had such slim chances of survival after entering this area.

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