Chapter 824 – Death Reaper Curse

Chapter 824 – Death Reaper Curse

The energy of the black seal became increasingly strong, soon enveloping all the nearby space.

The second Demon Envoy was clearly aware of just how mighty this Saint artifact level divine sword’s energy was. Wanting to place his own spirit mark on it was easier said than done, especially since he was in a life or death battle with Lin Ming at the moment. If he separated a spirit mark to control this divine sword and a problem occurred, then it was likely Lin Ming would take the chance to end his life instead.

The safest method was to first seal away this divine sword and then place it into his spatial ring. He would be able to slowly deal with it in the future.

In front of such an unbelievably rare treasure, there were far too few people that could restrain their greedy nature.

Pointing his spear, the black seal whistled towards the Argent White Sword placing a heavy layer...

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