Chapter 823 Hacking Apart the Divine Kingdom Imperial Scholar

Chapter 823 – Hacking Apart the Divine Kingdom Imperial Scholar

This thin wisp of lightning appeared very insignificant, yet, just by gently touching it, Bi Ruyu had suffered such a fate!

The raging power of thunder not only destroyed Bi Ruyu’s entire arm, but the massive tyrannical power of thunder also took the opportunity to plunge into her body.

This was a terrifying energy that even a Divine Sea Supreme Elder would find difficult to resolve. Bi Ruyu was completely paralyzed and the right half of her body was nearly scorched black.

Lin Ming didn’t give Bi Ruyu any chance to recover. His mind touched upon the Heretical God Sprout and forcefully pulled out a second wisp of golden red lightning. He poured his wisp of lightning into his spear and stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, flitting through the void and flickering in front of Bi Ruyu!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a frenzied light. He lifted the spear in both hands and smashed it downwards!

His large success bronze battle spirit flooded into the spear, mixing with the golden red power of thunder and fusing together. The entire spear looked like a golden red magnificent sun, a golden light directly impacting into the heavens!


Bi Ruyu issued out a soulless wail. In this critical life or death moment she bit off the remaining half of her tongue, spouting out a mouthful of blood as she regained her senses with the intense pain. Bi Ruyu’s eyeball bulged as if it were about to burst open at any time.

It was too late for her to avoid Lin Ming’s attack nor could she block that golden red spear light. At this crucial moment she decided to give up any thought of defending. She formed a claw with her left hand and thrust it towards Lin Ming’s dantian!

Lin Ming simply ignored Bi Ruyu’s final desperate attack. His spear came pounding down decisively. If he missed this chance then he would lose!

Lin Ming’s spear smashed into Bi Ruyu’s head. With the support of the golden red lightning, Lin Ming’s spear potential had reached a terrifying degree.


Bi Ruyu’s head exploded like a watermelon. Red and white brain fluid sprayed Lin Ming’s face.

At the same time, Bi Ruyu’s claw had deeply thrust into Lin Ming’s stomach.

His protective true essence was torn apart like paper and Bi Ruyu’s sharp black claws mercilessly wrenched at the Demon Emperor Armor.

With a resonant ‘kacha’ sound, Lin Ming’s body shook like an earthquake and he flew backwards, a massive amount of dangerous and perverse energy breaking into him!

Lin Ming vomited a mouthful of blood. He crashed into the ground, feeling as if all his organs had been moved.

Bi Ruyu’s attack was too terrifying. Even when she was a dried up oil lamp, and even with the Demon Emperor Armor weakening the energy and protecting Lin Ming, that final attack had still wounded him and caused him to cough up blood.

In that strike, Lin Ming’s meridians had nearly twisted together. His organs had been damaged and his dantian had been wounded from the shock.

The disparity between their absolute strength was simply too great. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lin Ming’s body was as tough as a high-grade earth-step treasure and all of his meridians and organs had been tempered multiple times, this attack would have ripped apart his dantian, killing him here.

This golden red lightning was truly terrifying. If a Life Destruction master were to be struck by a large arc of this golden red lightning, then they would have simply died, no matter how highly ranked they were on the Destiny Decree!

“What a pity. If the my divine soul was powerful enough then I could move more golden red lightning. If I were able to freely use it then I would have no need to fear anyone under the Divine Sea!”

After this incident, Lin Ming became increasingly aware of just how powerful the soul was. Although soul force couldn’t be said to directly correlate with strength, it definitely marked the limit of a martial artist’s cultivation. If one couldn’t enhance their soul then their cultivation would forever stagnate.

At this moment, a feeling of crisis rose in Lin Ming’s mind. Without thinking about it, he stepped on Golden Roc Shattering the Void, his body exploding forwards!


A black spear light struck the ground where Lin Ming had been standing, causing a massive explosion. Lin Ming’s pupils contracted. He swiveled around and saw that the one who had sneak attacked him was the second Demon Envoy.

Both of the second Demon Envoy’s legs had been torn off. He floated in the air, carrying his long spear. Bloodstained bones stuck out of the remains his legs. It was like he had been bitten by some giant wild beast and had his legs ripped off.

The second Demon Envoy and Bi Ruyu had been keeping guard over two separate areas, waiting for Lin Ming to appear. When the second Demon Envoy arrived, the result was completely different from what he expected. In just several breaths of time, Lin Ming had killed Bi Ruyu.

Just what was that golden red lightning?

The second Demon Envoy became crazy with jealousy as he thought about the lucky chances Lin Ming must have experienced in the Thunder Dominion. How could this brat not have died after venturing deep into the Thunder Dominion? As for himself, he had both his legs chomped off by an ancient desolate beast in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp!

The second Demon Envoy’s current situation was extremely poor. Both of his legs were ruined and his strength wasn’t even 30% of his normal peak state.

But Lin Ming’s situation wasn’t much better. After being struck and wounded by Bi Ruyu’s final desperate attack, his dantian had been injured. Without the time to regenerate, his strength was less than half of its peak state too.

If Lin Ming was at his prime then he could contend with the severely wounded second Demon Envoy in a battle. However, the chances of victory now were very slim. The second Demon Envoy had likely seen the golden red lightning and it couldn’t be used as a sneak attack anymore.

The second Demon Envoy was also terrified of Lin Ming. Lin Ming was simply an unkillable cockroach! Ever since the Asura Divine Kingdom had discovered that the Demon Emperor’s inheritance was held by Lin Ming, they had tried to capture him, even sending out two great Imperial Scholars and four Demon Envoys. Even after finding him after a wide search that spanned several months, no one had been able to harm him. And then, even when he was forced into such an alarming danger zone, he had still managed to emerge in perfect condition and use some strange method to kill Bi Ruyu instead.

How could the second Demon Envoy not be dismayed by this? As the second Demon Envoy of the Asura Divine Kingdom, he had all the power and authority he wanted in the palm of his hands. And yet, that faith in his own strength and consistent belief in his superiority had been eroded by Lin Ming. Only by defeating Lin Ming could he recover the faith he held in himself.

And, the self-confidence of a martial artist often influenced the limits of their future achievements.

Lin Ming had already become a heart demon that the second Demon Envoy had to overcome. Otherwise, his thoughts would never be peaceful again and he would never rid himself of his heart demons.

The second Demon Envoy took out a red pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it down. For a time, a strange flush crept up his face as if he were a drunk mortal.

Lin Ming immediately recognized this for what it was. This was a sort of medicine similar to the Scarlet Blood Pill. After taking it, one’s strength would rapidly rise for a short period of time. But, the side effects were extremely dangerous. For the second Demon Envoy to swallow down this sort of pill in his severely wounded condition, it would cause an enormous loss of his lifespan. But at this time, the second Demon Envoy was prepared to disregard everything in order to kill Lin Ming.


Several hundred Blood Drinking Seals burst out from the second Demon Envoy’s body. His eyes turned blood red and without a single word he took a step forwards. By practicing the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ for so many years, the second Demon Envoy had a high comprehension of the Concept of Space. Although it didn’t reach Lin Ming’s level, it was still enough for his attacks to seem ghostly and elusive.

With a single step forwards he arrived 100 feet in front of Lin Ming. All of the second Demon Envoy’s potential poured into his spear.


Blood Drinking Seals howled out. Lin Ming trod on Golden Roc Shattering the Void and quickly drew back. At the same time he retrieved a cold and shining four foot long sword from his spatial ring. Lightning lingered on the sword blade.

This was the Argent White Sword.

Lin Ming grasped the Argent White Sword and all of his muscles suddenly burst out. He completely opened all three gates of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, exhausting the totality of his strength to throw it towards the second Demon Envoy.

After completing 100% Tempering Marrow, Lin Ming’s physical body strength already exceeded 200,000 jin. After opening the Gate of Wonder, his physical strength surpassed a million jin.

It was only because Lin Ming often fought with energy, settling battles with sword light and spear light, that he didn’t have a chance to display the peak physical strength granted to his body by the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

Now, with his over one million jin of strength, he heaved the Argent White Sword forwards. The sword cut through the sky like a blazing white meteor, its speed reaching a nearly unbelievable degree.

A keen Saint artifact level sword, it also had the Eightfall Thunder Emperor’s thunder will fused into it. Now with it being thrown with over a million jin of strength, its power had reached impossible degrees. Even a 100,000 foot high mountain would shatter to powder in front of it!

Si –

The sharp sword pierced through the air, bringing with it countless arcs of purple lighting and directly ripping apart the second Demon Envoy’s spear light.

One sword, with irresistible force, continued shooting towards the second Demon Envoy.

“What sword is this!?”

The second Demon Envoy was horrified. The sword that Lin Ming had thrown out was a masterless sword; he had done so with just his physical strength. There was no true essence poured into this sword and yet its might and radiance had reached such an incredible degree!

“Saint artifact!?”

The second Demon Envoy held a high post in the Asura Divine Kingdom. With his deep background, he naturally had high insight. He had once seen the Demon God Heartguard Mirror before, but even that artifact simply wasn’t able to compare with this purple long sword shooting towards him!

Perhaps only the unified and complete version of the Demon Emperor Armor could compare with it!

The second Demon Envoy did not dare to be careless. He drew back and shot out a hundred spear lights at the same time, bombarding the Argent White Sword.

The Argent White Sword was a masterless weapon and Lin Ming hadn’t poured any true essence into it. Even though it was hurled out with a million jin of strength, the force still couldn’t compare to the energy attack sent out by a sixth stage Life Destruction essence gathering system martial artist.

As the rays of energy smashed into the Argent White Sword, explosions filled the sky like fireworks. The sword gradually slowed down before finally stopping in midair.

“It really is a masterless sword!”

The second Demon Envoy found himself short of breath. Without a doubt, this Saint level sword was found by that little beast in the Thunder Dominion. With that little beast’s cultivation and soul force it was simply impossible for him to leave his own spirit mark within it. And without a spirit mark it was impossible for him to pour his true essence into it. This must have been the reason why he threw out this divine sword like a dart to slay his enemy. This was simply a wasteful ruining of heaven’s gifts!

If he could obtain this divine sword…

The second Demon Envoy’s heart began pulsating. Even if he didn’t use the sword, he could still give it to the Asura Divine Kingdom. That would be a colossal achievement, and the resources he would receive as a reward would be limitless!

There were several sword-wielding Divine Sea Supreme Elders within the Asura Divine Kingdom, yet all of them suffered because they had no suitable swords to match them. If they were to know about this sword then they would definitely not hesitate in paying any price to obtain it!

‘You little beast, your sword is mine now!’

This thought flashed through the second Demon Envoy’s mind. He quickly formed a black seal and threw it at the Argent White Sword. He wanted to grab the Argent White Sword first. Otherwise, if Lin Ming recovered it and then decided to not fight with him and escape instead, there was no way he could chase after Lin Ming in his current condition.

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