Chapter 822 – The Splendor of Lightning

Chapter 822 – The Splendor of Lightning

In the two or three hours that Lin Ming had been in the Thunder Dominion for, Bi Ruyu had experienced the Yellow Springs River as well as encountered a desolate ancient vicious beast that roamed the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. A fierce battle had begun between her and the ancient desolate beast and she had to use the body transformation cultivation method that harmed the fires of her life yet again. Only by desperately risking her life against that ancient desolate beast had she been able to emerge victorious.

All of the vitality-restoring medicines in her spatial ring had been used up. Now, she looked haggard and worn out beyond belief. She didn’t even have the energy to restore the horrible wounds that covered her body.

At this point, Bi Ruyu had already fallen into madness. The only thought in her mind was to rip apart Lin Ming,...

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