Chapter 821 – Leaving the Thunder Dominion, Battling the Imperial Scholar

Chapter 821 – Leaving the Thunder Dominion, Battling the Imperial Scholar

The second half of Emperor Argent’s letter recorded what he experienced in the last thousand years of his life. He had recorded all sorts of shocking details in his attempts to overcome his cursed fate with his strength. Without a doubt, this would be extremely valuable information to the God Forsaken Clan.

The last portion of this letter only contained a few sentences.

“Year 31,200 of the Sky Spill Calendar. In battle with Emperor Evil, I received severe wounds. The eighth bloodline curse calamity approaches. I will go to the Thunder Dominion to attempt my last crossing in seclusion.”

As Lin Ming read this he was stunned. Who was Emperor Evil?

After the Eightfall Thunder Emperor reached the Divine Sea, his strength far surpassed everyone else in the world. He had been a true peerless powerhouse for that time. From when he first started recording on this jade slip his cultivation must have taken another step upwards. And yet this Emperor Evil was actually able to severely wound him?

Why was there no record about him in the history of the Sky Spill Continent? Could it be that this Emperor Evil didn’t even come from the Sky Spill Continent’s planet?

After the battle with the Eightfall Thunder Emperor did this Emperor Evil die or live?

Lin Ming’s mind was filled with all sorts of confused...

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