Chapter 820 – God Forsaken Clan, Eightfall Thunder Emperor

Chapter 820 – God Forsaken Clan, Eightfall Thunder Emperor

When Lin Ming rescued the young girl from the Forsaken God Clan, Jue, he had heard her recount the curse that her clan had shouldered since time immemorial.

As a cursed family clan, they had no surname nor did they have an origin. The legends said that the ancestors of their clan had angered the gods, and the punishment meted out to them was that their clansmen would have to withstand a bloodline curse for all their future generations.

The tattoo seal on their faces was a symbol of that bloodline curse.

Once the descendants of the Forsaken God Clan were born, after a certain period of time they would have to endure an excruciatingly agonizing pain, an ache that burrowed into their very marrow. As they grew up, the gap between these outbreaks of pain would become shorter and the duration of them would become longer. This would continue until the cursed person died from the pain or they committed suicide to escape it.

Only by cultivating martial arts would they develop the strength and will to momentarily suppress and delay this pain. However, what was sad was that even if the juniors of the Forsaken God Clan had talent that far exceeded a normal martial artist’s, it was still impossible for them to disobey their destiny. No matter how far they reached on their road of martial arts, they would inevitably succumb to the bloodline curse.

The master of this cave mansion had left behind...

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