Chapter 819 – Argent White Sword and the Lightning Source

Chapter 819 – Argent White Sword and the Lightning Source


Lin Ming didn’t dare to step into the 100 mile range of the Thunder Dominion. He only released a wisp of his perception to investigate the area. He discovered that the closed off force field in the 100 mile range was already twisted to the point of tearing, with large and small invisible space cracks flooding the entire area. If a general Life Destruction martial artist were to come here, then forget about those quietly terrifying thunder balls, but just those space cracks would prove fatal.

Lin Ming carefully manipulated his perception to bypass every thunder ball, giving them all a wide berth. If his wisp of perception were to accidently touch them then it would be burnt to absolutely nothing.

As his perception made its way deeper, a shocking matter occurred. He discovered that 100 miles high in the skies of the Thunder Dominion, there were actually islands floating in the air. These islands were only several miles wide but they looked like immortal paradises pulled out from fairytales.

There were floating islands above the Thunder Dominion? How were they even floating in the air?

Lin Ming was awed. The operation of Laws here already surpassed the scope of his understanding.

Then, as he used his perception to investigate the islands, he discovered something else alarming....

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