Chapter 818 – Lightning Tempered Body

Chapter 818 – Lightning Tempered Body

Lin Ming had no idea how deep the Thunder Dominion was. As he flew from 50 miles to 80 miles, the color of the thunder changed two times.

From a red gold to blue gold, and then from a blue gold to a purple gold.

The power of this purple gold thunder made Lin Ming’s heartbeat inexplicably quicken. Every arc of purple gold thunder was like a vicious beast, ready to bite down on anyone nearby. Even if Lin Ming had the Heretical God Sprout to protect himself, he still didn’t dare to willfully absorb it. Instead, he searched for the smallest wisps of purple gold thunder and slowly and carefully introduced them into his body, letting it gather into the Heretical God Sprout.

Purple gold thunder flowed through Lin Ming’s meridians like magma. Wherever it went, Lin Ming could feel a severe pain emanate from his meridians as if his flesh and blood were igniting into a blaze.

However, in these past seven years, Lin Ming had already experienced bouts of agonizing pain far worse than this. Thus, he was able to withstand the ache and completely concentrate on gathering the power of thunder into the Heretical God Sprout.

Chi chi chi!

The purple gold thunder wrapped around the Heretical God Sprout. The Heretical God Sprout that had stopped growing at the 50-60 mile zone began to grow...

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