Chapter 817 – Crazy Bi Ruyu

Chapter 817 – Crazy Bi Ruyu

Bi Ruyu floated high in the air, her dry and withered body wrapped in an overly large black robe. As her clothes blew in the wind, she looked like a skeleton.

Underneath her, the third and fourth Demon Envoys that had stayed behind because they were recuperating from their wounds had disappeared.

The only one left over was the second Demon Envoy. He was kneeling on the ground and his two calves had been nailed to the ground with foot-long black nails.

After the two nails passed through the second Demon Envoy’s calves, they thrust into the ground. Muscle was twisted around them as blood flowed out; it was a mess of flesh and blood!

As Bi Ruyu saw this strange scene she felt her heart shrink. That pair of nails was the second Demon Envoy’s own heaven-step mystic tools. They could be thrown out to kill others and were called the Nine Nether Iron Needles.

Why would the second Demon Envoy use the Nine Nether Iron Needles to nail himself to the ground? Or had someone snatched them away and then turned them against him, turning him into this appearance? But if so, why didn’t they kill him?

Bi Ruyu suddenly felt a chill in the air. Although the second Demon Envoy was weaker than her, he wasn’t a common martial artist of his generation. If this other party could easily play...

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