Chapter 816 – Heretical God Sprout

Chapter 816 – Heretical God Sprout

The Heretical God Force was an arcane technique left behind by an ancient Evil God. It had been the greatest stroke of luck for the Realm of the Gods Supreme Elder who found this cultivation method, but he had died before having the time to fully comprehend it.

Actually, as for what secrets the Heretical God Force had and just what would happen once he practiced it to higher levels, he actually had no idea where to even begin finding out. He could only blaze his way forwards and find out by practicing it.

He didn’t think that after withstanding the impact of a top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul as well as the near-infinite amount of golden thunder in a 10 mile radius, the Heretical God Seed would actually sprout!

The Heretical God Seed was in truth a theoretical object condensed from energy; it was not a real seed. Lin Ming had never imagined that the Heretical God Seed would develop like a real seed and actually bud.

After being flooded with energy for so long, had it finally obtained true life?

It was said that if a martial artist poured enough of their will and energy into a weapon, that weapon would slowly obtain its own life, giving birth to sword spirits or spear souls – this wasn’t unusual at all.

As Lin Ming was...

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