Chapter 815 New Life From Destruction

Chapter 815 – New Life From Destruction


The golden thunder formed a massive thunderstorm. Lin Ming was simply unable to dodge at all. The sound of thunder filled his ears, causing his senses to shake. He could only watch helplessly as the golden thunder merged into his body with irresistible force!

The might of this golden thunder far surpassed any divine thunder that Lin Ming had ever seen. Its brilliance was dazzling, glorious!

Lin Ming was struck by this golden thunder and his protective true essence rapidly melted like snow on a hot summer day. The golden thunder violently flowed into his body!

Lin Ming’s entire body was paralyzed. He vomited a mouthful of blood and flew backwards, great sections of his body charred black.

In the sound of this raucous roaring thunder, an immense pressure from the sky pressed down on his body, making him feel as if he were just a mortal facing the endless heavens.

Thunder was the power that the heavens used to punish others. Since ancient times, when monsters wished to cross breakthroughs in their cultivation they would have to withstand the sundering thunder tribulation of the heavens. Compared to burning heat, freezing cold, or any of the five elements, the power of thunder was far more mysterious and wild. It symbolized destruction and it symbolized the heavens.

Lin Ming was as pale as paper. As he looked within him he could see that the Heretical God Seed was completely wrapped in this golden lightning. It had reached its saturation point, unable to contain any more energy.

In the end, Lin Ming still hadn’t formed his spirit body. He was only able to store true essence in his body. Although his body was physically tough, it didn’t have the ability to store true essence throughout. This meant that all of the energy within him could only be suppressed by the Heretical God Seed. If Lin Ming could quickly draw out the power of thunder from the Heretical God Seed then this wouldn’t have happened. And, with Lin Ming’s low comprehension of the Concept of Thunder added in, this made it difficult for him to control the golden thunder within his body.

“Boy, hurry up and get out of here or you’ll die! In this Thunder Dominion, metal defensive treasures can only play a minor role. If you resort to using the Cosmic Melting Furnace, you will only be able to rely on its energy field to weaken the power of thunder by a little bit. But if you hide inside of it you will have lost all ability to do anything. That means you can only wait around to die!”

Demonshine’s nervous voice sounded out in Lin Ming’s mind. In his soul form, he was immensely restrained facing the power of thunder. There was simply no help he could offer Lin Ming here.

Zi zi zi!

Lin Ming’s entire body sparkled with the arcs of lightning with golden light shining around him. Because his protective true essence had been broken, all of his clothes had been burnt to ashes by the thunder, revealing the jet black Demon Emperor Armor underneath.

A metal treasure armor’s most formidable use lay in its ability to defend against physical attacks. In regards to energy attacks, such as fire or ice, the defensive role it could play was limited, and even more so for the power of thunder. There were even metal armors that had the side effect of gathering the power of thunder, making it so that the injuries a martial artist suffered were even worse.

Lin Ming was certainly well aware of all this, but his entire body was numbed and it was extremely difficult to move at all. A moment ago, Bi Ruyu must have sent out that final all-out attack because she couldn’t continue withstanding the power of thunder.

Lin Ming grit his teeth, enduring the dual pain to both his body and divine soul and flew to the outer layer of the Thunder Dominion.

“Damn it! The power of space here is in complete chaos. Because the force field here is distorted by the crazy energy here it has already created a closed field.

Lin Ming had planned on flying upwards and leaving, but as he was exiting he found that he was completely unable to determine which direction he needed to go in.

With Lin Ming’s current situation, wanting to analyze the chaotic Space Laws here would be far too difficult.

If these were normal times then Lin Ming could slowly resolve the issue. At most it would only take him the time to eat a meal to thoroughly comprehend the strange Space Laws. But now, in these 100,000 feet of thunder, Lin Ming would only need to stay for a dozen more breaths of time before he would no longer be able to withstand the power of thunder. His meridians would be scorched away permanently and even his ash would be destroyed!

“This is bad!”

Lin Ming bit his lips until they bled. In this sort of life or death situation, the need to remain calm was even greater.

“There’s not enough time to work out the chaotic power of space here!”

Lin Ming grimaced. His pupils contracted and the gears of his mind rapidly turned as he shifted through the possible ways he could live through this.

At this time, Demonshine suddenly cried out in alarm. “Be careful!”


Lin Ming suddenly looked up to see that several hundred feet away, there was a pale golden fog flying towards him, as quiet and fast as ghosts and gods.

In that instant, Lin Ming could feel a terrifying power over 10 times that of the golden thunder.

“Thunder Soul!?!?”

In this Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion that was flooded with endless thunder, it was normal to encounter a Thunder Soul. Moreover, the grade of this Thunder Soul was absolutely above a medium-grade heaven-step one!

Normally, Lin Ming would have been beyond excited to encounter such a Thunder Soul. He would use everything within his means to capture it and then absorb it.

But now, as he saw that Thunder Soul, it was no different than seeing a grim reaper approaching him!

In this situation, if he were to even think of absorbing a Thunder Soul then he would explode apart on the spot and die!

When the human body exploded, that was a similar process to crossing Life Destruction, but Lin Ming didn’t even dare to imagine crossing Life Destruction here. In a normal case he would already be charred to ashes, and then if he were to disintegrate into the primordial life soup he wouldn’t even have bones left!

Sweat dripped down Lin Ming’s forehead. As this sweat appeared it was instantly evaporated by the lightning. He forcefully held back the numbness in his body and began to revolve his movement technique, hoping to avoid this heaven-step Thunder Soul.

At this time he could no longer care about how much longer he could persist in this thunder zone. If he couldn’t avoid the Thunder Soul then he would immediately perish.

It seemed that the only road left in front of him led to hell. But Lin Ming didn’t give up. As long as there was even the slimmest thread of survival then he would grasp it. He would wait for a chance to escape this thunder hell!

Chi chi chi!

The Thunder Soul issued a light crackling sound. Its atomized body slowly twisted, stretching out and forming a golden python from that thick golden fog. Although its body was ephemeral, it had truly manifested into a material being!

As Lin Ming saw this, his heart stopped. For a Thunder Soul to manifest in reality, this proved that the grade of this Thunder Soul far surpassed that of the Burning Star Flame!

In other words, it was a high-grade heaven-step Thunder Soul!

In the skies above the Sea of Miracles, just at the edge of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, there actually existed a high-grade heaven-step Thunder Soul here. Moreover, this wasn’t even the deepest area of the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion. Deep in the Thunder Dominion there absolutely had to be an existence that surpassed a Thunder Soul!

If this was just the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, then what would the highest skies of the Sea of Miracles be like?

Lin Ming felt this was extremely shocking. He laughed at his own hubris for thinking he could fly into the skies of the Sea of Miracles if there was only thunder. Now, it seemed as if his current boundary was far from being sufficient. Even a late Divine Sea Supreme Elder wouldn’t be able to return from there, much less him. Although he had the support of the Heretical God Seed, it still wasn’t able to make up for the difference in cultivation.

At this moment, that snake-shaped Thunder Soul turned its eyes on Lin Ming. It issued out two golden lights that shot towards Lin Ming! Within the Thunder Soul’s eyes, a wisp of surprise and greed flashed through it.

For a Thunder Soul to substantialize, that meant that it already had its own intelligence. As this Thunder Soul looked at the spent Lin Ming, it didn’t know why but it felt something deep within it that made it feel immeasurable awe. It was as if this was an inherited memory from before its birth, something that originated from the very source of all thunder.

This strange reverential feeling made it feel fear, but it also made it feel excited. This was because this feeling meant that the little human boy in front of it contained an incomparably pure energy within his body.

After this Thunder Soul was born, it had devoured endless thunder essence in order to slowly grow to its current boundary. But compared to this human in front of it, all of the power of thunder it had ever absorbed was simply insignificant. Even if all of it was added together it wouldn’t even be one tenth of what this human had within him.

This came from an incomparably pure power of thunder. It brought with it a vast grandeur and exaltation, making the Thunder Soul tremble.

If it could swallow this human then it could obtain a greater strength!

When the Thunder Soul suddenly produced this thought, it occupied its entire being!

Swallow him!

Swallow him!

Swallow him!

This call reverberated endlessly within the Thunder Soul, making it go manic with desire, crazy with greed.

As it looked towards Lin Ming, its eyes became more and more brutal, more and more avaricious. Its golden vision condensed into swords that seemed as if they could pierced through the void.

Lin Ming remained motionless. He had tried pulling out every last out of strength from his body to take out the red spear in his spatial ring. He had to suppress the pain of overdrawing his soul force while suppressing the tyrannical power of thunder within his body and facing this formidable high-grade or possibly even top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul in front of him.

At this time, Lin Ming knew he could no longer avoid this battle. A Thunder Soul excelled at speed to begin with, and within the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion it could draw upon the endless power of thunder here as support. Its speed was countless times quicker than Lin Ming’s in his current numbed state.

Since he couldn’t avoid this battle, he could only make a final stand with his life on the line!

Facing this life or death crisis, Lin Ming’s eyes became increasingly cold. He poured his complete will into the long spear. The long spear seemed as if it could feel its master’s fighting spirit and it began to issue out a keening cry.


The ancient Thunder Soul let loose an earth-shaking roar. That roar seemed as if it came from the thunder of ancient times, when there was only nihility in the world. It seemed as if it had passed through endless years to echo within the Nine Heavens Thunder Domain, penetrating through all the clouds and cracking apart any stone!

With this roar, all of the lightning within 10 miles of this thunder zone began to rewind back towards the Thunder Soul!

The golden thunder was already extremely powerful. If the countless amount of golden thunder in a 10 mile range were to be sucked in, then its power could be imagined.

At that time, all of the power of thunder around Lin Ming suddenly disappeared. The numbness in his body and divine soul weakened by a great deal, but this situation only caused him to be even more alarmed. This was because he had realized that he underestimated the colossal power of a peak high-grade Thunder Soul!

Ka ka ka ka ka!

With near infinite thunderclaps ringing out, the Thunder Soul’s golden snake body twisted with countless arcs of golden lightning. Its body grew to several tens of thousands of feet. With a roar, it rushed forwards, wishing to swallow Lin Ming whole!

At that moment, the thunderclaps in this area of the Thunder Dominion began billowing outwards. A huge wave of golden thunder rolled up into a storm, causing large cracks to appear in the surrounding space.

Facing this top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul that was several tens of thousands of feet long, in this critical life or death moment, Lin Ming burst out with a roar, erupting with his greatest strength.

The Heretical God Force was opened to the limit. All of the endless power of thunder that was stored in the Heretical God Seed and his dantian was forcefully drawn out, completely fusing into his medium-grade heaven-step long spear.

At that moment, because he had overdrawn his soul force in order to control the power of thunder, monstrous waves were suddenly stirred up within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. Even with the suppression of the Samsara martial intent, a great cleft still appeared in his spiritual sea!

But this was still far from enough!!

His complete martial arts will broke out from his spiritual sea. The azure spear-shaped battle spirit howled out, merging together with his red spear!

Ho - !!

Lin Ming issued a final cry. The Heretical God Seed’s Burning Star Flame also howled out, gathering into that endless power of thunder, creating the most violent, most potent explosion possible!


It was like a purple-red sun had risen within the Thunder Dominion, embezzling the world in shining glory. The Concept of Space, the Concept of Fire, the Concept of Thunder, three Concepts fused into one, detonating with a flash of myriad flaming brilliance that made it seem as if a galaxy was crashing into the world!

In that instant, all sound was swallowed up and time slowed to a crawl. The tens of thousands of feet long golden python smashed into the purple-red sun. With all of the golden lightning in a 10 mile area gathered together and added onto the formidable strength a top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul, its power was monstrously enormous!

During this terrifying collision, the countless lightning shot out like 10,000 ten foot long golden swords. The Heretical God Seed within Lin Ming violently trembled as if it alone bore the endless might of the world.

All of the infinite power of thunder in a 10 mile radius as well as the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul was completely withstood by the Heretical God Seed alone! Thunder was known as the punishing power of heaven. This was the same as defying fate, standing against the very will of the heavens!

Lin Ming’s physical body had to withstand the remaining power of thunder. This was how things were. Even though Lin Ming’s body had been tempered again and again, he was still washed in the vast wave of energy until his body broke, his blood vessels ruptured, and his meridians tore to pieces. He was caught in a hurricane of his own blood!

However, none of this caused Lin Ming to panic. He grit his teeth, relying on just his stubborn will to forcefully withstand all of this.

But at this moment, a scene occurred that frightened Lin Ming. With a crackling ‘ka ka ka’ sound, on the surface of the Heretical God Seed that had withstood the endless might of the heavens, a crack clearly emerged!

Lin Ming’s eyes popped wide open.

The Heretical God Seed… cracked!?!?!?

How could this be possible!?

For these last seven years, the mysterious effects of the Heretical God Seed had already engraved themselves in Lin Ming’s mind. This was a cultivation method that came from the ancient ruins of an Evil God. In Lin Ming’s mind, this Evil God cultivation method was a heaven-defying divine treasure only surpassed by the Magic Cube.

And the seed produced from such an arcane technique actually cracked?

How could this be?

Lin Ming could only stare blankly on at the crack on the Heretical God Seed. It was so clear, so hideous, so ferocious that it seemed like the maw of a vicious beast, slowly opening wide.

Lin Ming could feel that the complete power of the top-grade heaven-step Thunder Soul as well as the golden thunder in a 10 mile radius had all entered the Heretical God Seed. This was what had caused the Heretical God Seed to suddenly crack!

Ka ka ka!

The sound of cracking continued, falling into Lin Ming’s ears like a thunderclap. The crack continued to expand until the entire Heretical God Seed had been split in two halves.

Then, a stunning scene took place.

A purple and red bud gradually shot up from the ruins of the broken seed, slowly working hard to grow upwards. It had a faint misty glow, and small flames and arcs of lightning twined around it.

It was like a newborn divine plant god.

The Heretical God Seed… sprouted?

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