Chapter 812 – Death Swamp

Chapter 812 – Death Swamp


Lin Ming’s endurance was indeed extraordinary, but it wasn’t infinite. Flying at maximum speed consumed a massive amount of true essence. If a normal martial artist flew at half their max speed they could fly without trying, but when they flew at their speed limit, they wouldn’t be able to make it far before falling down from exhaustion.

Even though Lin Ming had support from the Gate of Healing, he still had to swallow down pills and absorb energy from spirit essence stones.

Luckily, when he had massacred the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division he obtained a massive number of medium-grade spirit essence stones. With the support of these spirit essence stones, he was able to greatly extend his limits.

Moreover, he now had a second Revolving Core in his dantian. Although he couldn’t freely control it as he could his first Revolving Core, it wasn’t a problem if he only used it as an energy reserve center.

Lin Ming got closer and closer to the Sea of Miracles. The uneasy feeling in the back of his mind also grew. He just didn’t know when Situ Bonan would finally catch up. Although the Asura Divine Kingdom was a far distance away from here, most of the journey could be crossed using transmission arrays.

2000 miles…

1500 m...

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