Chapter 811 – Killing Party

Chapter 811 – Killing Party

“He should be nearby. Seal off this area and dig up this entire place! We have to find that damned brat!”

The second Demon Envoy said, his voice thick with hate. The battle at Jagged Slope Mountain was his life’s greatest shame. If he couldn’t personally catch Lin Ming then it would be near-impossible to eliminate his heart demon. It would become a great impediment when he tried to break through to the Divine Sea.

“Demon Two, are you sure?” The black-clothed old woman abruptly said, her voice hoarse and wretched, like two pieces of sandpaper grinding against each other.

“At least 70% positive!” The second Demon Envoy took out a pair of jade slips from his spatial ring and compared them, gritting his teeth all the while.

“I hope you do not make the same mistake again!” The black-clothed old woman said in an icy tone.

“Honored Imperial Scholar, I have already sworn that if I cannot find Lin Lanjian within the year I shall cut off both my hands!” The second Demon Envoy said. He pressed a black jade slip between his eyebrows and revealed a very pained expression. A black energy flowed out from his between his eyebrows before being completely absorbed by that black jade slip.

Then, the black jade slip began to shine with a brilliant light, shining its splendor on the other jade slip in his hands as if there was some connection between th...

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