Chapter 810 – Crisis

Chapter 810 – Crisis

West Imperial City was the third largest city of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom and also one of the 10 largest cities within the central region of the Sky Spill Continent. There were three great aristocratic families here as well as a specialized organization called Destiny Grasp.

The mortals had a saying: stand upright at 30, be confused at 40, grasp your destiny at 50. The meaning behind this was that by the time a mortal was 50 years old, their lives were finally set in stone and they knew what their own destiny would be like.

The organization Destiny Grasp’s name also came from this.

It was the greatest intelligence organization within the entire Sky Spill Continent. Destiny Grasp was the one that had begun the Destiny Decree, jointly working with several other intelligence organizations to compile a the information together for a list.

Thousands of years ago, Destiny Grasp had only been ranked fourth or fifth amongst the various intelligence networks in the continent. Later, it had used a massive amount of energy and resources in order to compile the Destiny Decree and ensured that the rankings were essentially correct. After so many years, Destiny Grasp’s fame and glory had continued to reach new heights until it gradually developed into its current scale.

The building that housed Destiny Grasp seemed very...

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