Chapter 809 – The Second Revolving Core

Chapter 809 – The Second Revolving Core

In a cave mansion deep under Five Peak Mountain, silently and slowly, Lin Ming was peacefully refining the God Transforming Pill. Like this, a day passed.

It was only that evening when the Whiteart Sect’s Highest Elder, Whitewood Chun, finally woke up from his coma.

He immediately realized what had happened to him and his breath stopped in his throat; he didn’t even dare to open his eyes. First he restrained his energy and then meditated as he listened to everything around him.

After confirming nothing strange was amiss, he then released his perception. By all appearances, he had just had a bout of dizziness from old age and naturally fainted for a brief period of time.

If Whitewood Chun had to be honest with himself, this was obviously impossible. He wiped the cold sweat streaming down his forehead. From before and now, he was certain that a super master had quietly knocked him out and then left. As for what goal this mysterious master had, he had no idea at all.

If this sort of character ever gave birth to a dark thought then they could kill him the same as pulling weeds from the ground. It wouldn’t be difficult at all.

Whitewood Chun really couldn’t figure out what a mere third grade sect like his had that could interest such a top master. He was nothing but surprised.

He didn’t spread the news of this happening. Towards this level of character, whatever they planned was...

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