Chapter 808 – The Trial of Life Destruction

Chapter 808 – The Trial of Life Destruction

38,000 miles northwest of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, there was a solitary small mountain range that extended for several hundred miles, named the Five Peak Mountains. Here, the heaven and earth origin energy couldn’t be considered too rich and the grade of spirit veins were barely classified as the fourth grade; they were slightly worse than the spirit veins of the Five Element Region’s seven great sects.

On Five Peak Mountains, there were three small sects scattered throughout, all of them third grade sects.

Although the three sects often had their own contradictions and battles, they were able to unite together to face a common enemy. Like this, they were able to protect their low fourth grade spirit vein from being captured by other sects.

In the early morning, disciples had already taken out their brooms and were sweeping up leaves from the stone steps of the mountain. Some core disciples began their day of training. Everything seemed calm and peaceful.

This area was outside of the four Divine Kingdoms and was also remote, thus they often didn’t interact with the wider world. The disciples here lived a very tranquil and languid life. Most disciples couldn’t even imagine what the Divine Sea was; they would be more than satisfied by reaching the Xiantian realm.

The three sects here each had Revolving Core Highest Elders guarding them. Generally speaking, the Sovereigns and...

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