Chapter 807 – New Destiny Decree, Title: Death God

Chapter 807 – New Destiny Decree, Title: Death God

“Great Demon Envoy…”

Lin Ming recalled the terrifying atmosphere that he had just experienced. It was like he was facing a mountain that couldn’t be scaled. That person was absolutely a top master!

“It looks like the Destiny Decree is much more terrifying than I imagined it to be.” Lin Ming’s solemnly said. As he completely restrained his aura and energy, he quickly ran low to the ground and entered the vast forests of Jagged Slope Mountain.

Flying was too dangerous right now. He prepared to conceal his energy and ran forwards into the forest. This way, he would be able to minimize the risk of being discovered.

Without knowing just how strong his opponent was, rashly rushing into their base wasn’t the wisest decision. In fact, as Lin Ming thought about it, he thought that maybe he had been a bit too crazy in his actions. Luckily for him, only the second, third, and fourth Demon Envoys had been guarding the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division.

If it had been the Great Demon Envoy, then Lin Ming suspected then that even the speed from the Gate of Wonder wouldn’t be enough to flee from him.

“I underestimated the power of the sixth stage Life Destruction masters. It’s impossible for me to reign over the other Life Destruction powerhouses with my speed, even with the Gate of Wonder. It’s a pity that my comprehension of the Concept of Wind is too shallow, since if my...

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