Chapter 806 – Grind

Chapter 806 – Grind

Most martial artists that formed their own battle spirit did so once they reached the Divine Sea realm. And, these Divine Sea powerhouses had all been Emperor level talents when they were young; most of them had even been peak Emperor level talents.

After all, the vast majority of Emperor level talents failed to reach the Divine Sea in the end for various reasons. As for those existences that could sustain their talent and luck until the end, they were truly extraordinary individuals!

And of the chosen within these chosen prides of heaven, only a tiny minority would ever comprehend their own battle spirit at the Life Destruction realm. There were even some individuals that would only be able to slowly touch upon the threshold of a battle spirit after reaching the Divine Sea. They would rely on the long life granted by the Divine Sea realm and then slowly cultivate their battle spirit.

Situ Bonan was originally a battle spirit genius. As soon as his battle spirit had taken shape, he had continuously tempered it for 3000 years. From the elementary state to small success, he finally began to reluctantly trace the threshold of large success. As for reaching bronze perfection, he didn’t even dare to think of that. That sort of battle...

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