Chapter 804 – Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle

Chapter 804 – Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle

3500 miles out from the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division, a black heaven-step spirit boat was rapidly flying through the air. Sitting within the boat were three middle-aged men sitting in meditation.

They were the Asura Divine Kingdom’s three Demon Envoys.

Just a while ago, the three of them had chased Lin Ming at full speed for over 8000 miles, causing themselves to consume a massive amount of energy. Now, after an hour had passed, the three had already fully recovered.

At this time, the third Demon Envoy suddenly opened his eyes, a sharp light flashing through his eyes. “I’ve already recovered more or less, and the rest of you are the same. We’re less than 4000 miles away, so I suggest that we put the spirit boat away and fly back at full speed in order to avoid any trouble.”

“Mm….Demon Three is right. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Come, let’s go.” The second Demon Envoy stood up, an adamant light in his cold eyes. Small bolts of lightning seemed to cut through his dark pupils. The fully recovered second Demon Envoy was an extremely terrifying existence.

This was the strength of a top 100 ranked Destiny Decree master.

“Our failure during this mission is our lives’ greatest shame! We haven’t just shamed ourselves, but we have also shamed the glory of the Asura Divine Kingdom as well!...

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