Chapter 803 – Killing the Elders

Chapter 803 – Killing the Elders

Lian Shiyu certainly wouldn’t think that he was faster than Lin Ming. But relatively speaking, chasing him would be the most strenuous and tasking choice. If he were Lin Ming then he would prioritize killing those other three old men, otherwise he would waste too much time and give those three the chance to escape.

As long as Lin Ming decided not to chase him then after some more time passed, the three Demon Envoys would definitely arrive. Then he would be safe.

This was his only chance of survival.

As Lian Shiyu thought this, he pushed himself to the limit to escape. But at this time, he suddenly heard the whistling of true essence blasting out from behind him.

A thick and overwhelming killing intent shrouded down on him.


Lian Shiyu’s heart filled with despair. He never thought that the speed he was so proud of would be overtaken in a mere five breaths of time by Lin Ming!

In front of Lin Ming, his so-called speed was just a joke!

Lin Ming had chased after him, the fastest of the four. Without a doubt, Lin Ming had decided to wipe out all four of them!

Filled with despair, on the verge of death, when one’s life became a flickering candle, that was the time when a person could often erupt with their life’s greatest potential.

When Lin Ming’s...

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