Chapter 802 – Killing Situ

Chapter 802 – Killing Situ

In the square of Jagged Slope Mountain’s great hall, broken limbs and flesh was everywhere. The smell of blood overwhelmed the senses!

Lin Ming grasped his long spear and began to take step after step towards the four Destiny Decree masters. These four masters were all gathered together, and they were also well aware that with Lin Ming’s extreme speed that was like ghosts and gods, they would encounter a surprise attack as long as they separated even a bit. And with their strength it was simply too difficult to escape.

“Lin Lanjian! You dare to massacre my Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division!? My Asura Divine Kingdom will never rest until you are dead! My Asura Divine Kingdom has three great Imperial Scholars, six Demon Envoys, and Emperor level powerhouses in the double digits. As long as any one of them move a finger, you will die without a grave!”

Hall Master Situ’s heart swelled with endless fear and despair. At this time he could only try to psychologically attack Lin Ming and hope that his heart would waver.

“Massacre your Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division?” Lin Ming sneered, “If your Asura Divine Kingdom thinks of me as a fish on the chopping block then I can’t counterattack? How laughable! Ever since the Asura Divine Kingdom eyed the inheritance of the Demon Emperor on me, the Asura Divine Kingdom...

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