Chapter 802 Killing Situ

Chapter 802 – Killing Situ

In the square of Jagged Slope Mountain’s great hall, broken limbs and flesh was everywhere. The smell of blood overwhelmed the senses!

Lin Ming grasped his long spear and began to take step after step towards the four Destiny Decree masters. These four masters were all gathered together, and they were also well aware that with Lin Ming’s extreme speed that was like ghosts and gods, they would encounter a surprise attack as long as they separated even a bit. And with their strength it was simply too difficult to escape.

“Lin Lanjian! You dare to massacre my Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division!? My Asura Divine Kingdom will never rest until you are dead! My Asura Divine Kingdom has three great Imperial Scholars, six Demon Envoys, and Emperor level powerhouses in the double digits. As long as any one of them move a finger, you will die without a grave!”

Hall Master Situ’s heart swelled with endless fear and despair. At this time he could only try to psychologically attack Lin Ming and hope that his heart would waver.

“Massacre your Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division?” Lin Ming sneered, “If your Asura Divine Kingdom thinks of me as a fish on the chopping block then I can’t counterattack? How laughable! Ever since the Asura Divine Kingdom eyed the inheritance of the Demon Emperor on me, the Asura Divine Kingdom has decided to never rest until they have caught me! Since that’s the case I will naturally have you pay the deepest price for your sins!

“Take good care of the Demon Emperor’s heartguard mirror for me; one day I will go and take it myself. As for the three great Imperial Scholars, six Demon Envoys, and all of those Emperor powerhouses, once I am strong enough I will kill them all one at a time!”

Lin Ming vehemently spoke, his heated gaze had already locked onto the four people in front of him. Lian Shiyu and some other old man surnamed Sun that was ranked on the Destiny Decree had sweat streaming down their backs as they faced this perilous threat.

Lin Ming’s superimposed dual force field created far too strong a pressure. That ice cold wood spirit mask and those traces of black above the eyes made it seem as if they were staring into the face of the devil, suffocating them and making them gasp for breath.

“Let’s fight!”

Lian Shiyu finally couldn’t withstand the pressure and took the initiative in the attack.

Old Man Sun braced himself and followed behind. At this time they were all on the same sinking ship. If Lian Shiyu attacked by himself then he would certainly be defeated. It would be the end of the line for him after that.

Neither of them dared to hold back just a tiny bit. Both of them immediately struck out with their ultimate moves.

Mountain Slicing Saber!

Red Flame Burning Heaven!

Lian Shiyu grasped his four foot long thick saber and cut down, the raging energy like landslides and tsunamis.

Old Man Sun spat out blood essence that then combusted into a fierce inferno of flames. Then, these flames covered his entire body. With a wave of his sword, flames tarnished the skies. His entire body had become like a scorching hot sun. The ground underneath his feet had already melted into flowing lava.

No matter what, they were still Destiny Decree masters! Even under the suppression of Lin Ming’s dual force fields they could still erupt with a terrifying combat strength!

Lin Ming didn’t step back. When he had faced the joint attack of three people, he admitted that he wouldn’t have been able to resist that. But now that there were only two, he actually wanted to give it a try.

Lin Ming revolved the Heretical God Force’s energy to the limit as well as opening the third level of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Lin Ming thrust his spear forwards. The Burning Star Flame howled, and the entire spear became a brilliant, radiant red, as if a phoenix was spreading its wings out from within the spear shaft!

Bury the Heavens!

Ka ka ka!

Space collapsed. The power of space rushed out from the space crack like a surging tide, forming a tyrannical and violent space storm. The wind caused the flames to burn with increased intensity. Then, the space storm fused into the Burning Star Flame, causing its blazing heat to reach the peak!

The incandescent light was blinding. It completely overshadowed Old Man Sun’s fire attack!

All three waves of energy frantically smashed into each other. At that time, sound itself seemed to be swallowed up. The conflagration of flames washed away all the clouds in the sky, engulfing the entire mountain peak!

The fiery aftermath surged in all directions. Endless screams and agonized cries filled the heavens as many of the young disciples from the various sects and the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division were directly charred to ash! This energy simply wasn’t on a level that they could hope to resist!

Lian Shiyu and Old Man Sun were both sent flying away by the uncontrollable wild energy. Lian Shiyu was better off; the blood tumbled in his body and blood leaked out from the corners of his mouth.

But Old Man Sun had been struck by the Heretical God Seed’s fire counterattack. The meridians in his sword-wielding right hand had been roasted away with only 30% remaining!

Even if a high stage Life Destruction martial artist’s flesh and blood had been transformed several times by energy, damage to their meridians still wasn’t an injury that they could recover from in a short period of time.

Old Man Sun flipped the sword into his left hand and focused his eyes through the layers of flaming fog. He saw Lin Ming had only withdrawn several dozen feet back, with seemingly no injuries on him.

One against two, this young man hadn’t sustained any injuries? Or perhaps he had suffered some internal damage from the pressure?

Old Man Sun’s heart trembled. If Lin Ming had been injured just a tiny bit, even if this was a minor wound that didn’t affect his combat effectiveness, that was still enough for him to regain some of his confidence.

Lin Ming’s attack had simply been too strong! If he could gain the advantage even in a one against two situation, then if any of them were to face Lin Ming alone, three moves was more than enough to severely wound them, and killing them in five moves was not a problem at all!

How could this be possible? A month ago he had only been slightly stronger than Corpsemancer. After such a short period of time, his cultivation was still at the late Revolving Core and didn’t seem as if it had risen by much. So how could he have become this much stronger?

Old Man Sun’s palms became wet with sweat.

Lin Ming grasped his long spear and pointed it towards the ground. A moment ago he had faced the attacks of two enemies, and although he had occupied the upper hand in the end, the truth was that some of the violent energy had sunk into his body. It was just that Lin Ming’s physical bodily defensive power far surpassed even a Divine Sea Supreme Elder’s, and in addition to the Heretical God Seed guarding his body and his incomparably tough meridians, he had been able to forcibly suppress that energy so that it appeared as if he wasn’t harmed at all.

At this time, a rumbling sound resounded in the square. The great mountain sealing array began to shake and the translucent barrier became increasingly pale and light; it would completely vanish any time now.

Hall Master Situ took advantage of Lin Ming being occupied in battle and began to open the great mountain sealing array. Opening the array from within was simple as long as he had the requisite array opening token and cut off the supply of energy.


Less than half of the young martial artists had survived. As they saw the great mountain sealing array about to open, all of them frantically launched their movement techniques to escape. At this time, all of them hated that they couldn’t grow more legs to get out of this hell faster.

“Quickly request reinforcements!”

“Inform the three Demon Envoys!”

“They are definitely nearby!”

Many of the martial artists were thinking these thoughts. The great mountain sealing array had isolated all flow of information, including even sound transmitting talismans. But now that it had been lifted, they could send out messages and seek rescue!

The Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists were especially hurried in sending messages to the three Demon Envoys. They already hoped that the three Demon Envoys would return soon. They figured that they were close to Jagged Slope Mountain but had no idea why they hadn’t hurried back yet.

As long as the three Demon Envoys returned, there was no way for Lin Lanjian to be so rampant here!

As for the martial artists from the other three large sects here, they all began informing their sect headquarters about what happened today. Some sects had more than one Destiny Decree master. For instance, the Misty Stream Sect had an even stronger Highest Elder that was guarding their sect.

For a time, the light of sound transmitting talismans gleamed all over the land. As Lin Ming looked at these ignited flames, his eyes revealed an icy killing intent. He turned the spear in his hands and energy erupted outwards!

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!

The power of space condensed into fragments, mixing with the howling power of annihilating flames. These star-like fragments fired towards all the martial artists that were sending out sound transmitting talismans!

The star fragments had wisps of a battle spirit attached to them: their sharpness was in no way inferior to heaven-step treasure’s.

With a whistling sound, countless flowers of blood appeared in the square. Some star fragments penetrated through three or four martial artists without stopping at all!

Lin Ming had completely turned into a god of death, recklessly harvesting the lives of everyone around him!

Miserable screams filled the air. The young martial artists became even more delirious in their desire to escape.

“Take advantage of this time and escape separately!”

As Lin Ming was dealing with the other martial artists, Lian Shiyu rapidly sent a true essence sound transmission to the other three Destiny Decree masters.

At the same time, he activated the flight treasure on his body and flew away! Old Man Sun’s response was only half a breath slower. He quickly fled in the opposite direction!

They could only take advantage of the moment when Lin Ming was distracted to escape. If they didn’t run away now than they would never have another chance.

Lian Shiyu and Old Man Sun had only been slightly injured – their speed was nearly unaffected. In the blink of an eye they had already fled a thousand feet away. But Old Man Yan and Hall Master Situ were in a much more pathetic situation.

Especially Hall Master Situ. His chest had a big hole with blood leaking out of it, extending from both the front and the back. And most of his meridians and organs had been destroyed by Lin Ming’s true essence. Now, his escape speed was probably evens lower than that of the fleeing young disciples!

As he saw Lian Shiyu and Old Man Sun rapidly soar away, he cursed them even as gloom filled his heart. He could only try his best to escape too.

Lin Ming’s energy had already locked onto those four Destiny Decree masters. When they moved, Lin Ming also moved. Towards these enemies that wanted to take advantage of him, Lin Ming had no intention of letting any of them leave here alive, not to mention that they were also carrying a great deal of wealth on them.

The Gate of Wonder opened. His speed rapidly rose to the limit as his feet stepped upon the void.

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

In just the blink of an eye, Lin Ming already overtook the limping Hall Master Situ.

Hall Master Situ was overcome with anguish. Out of the four, he was the weakest one and he had also been severely wounded, sent to the very edge of death. His combat strength wasn’t even 10% of his peak condition. If Lin Ming caught up to him then he would undoubtedly die.


Hall Master Situ crazily shouted out and turned to meet the enemy.


A turbulent flow of energy broke through Hall Master Situ’s body, sending him flying into the air. He could only watch on helplessly as Lin Ming’s long spear turned into an azure beam of light that pierced through his throat. At the same time, he felt his right hand go cold as it was cut off by Lin Ming, taken away along with his spatial ring.


Hall Master Situ bounced on the floor like a rubber ball and tumbled over several hundred feet before sprawling out on the floor. His eyes stared up into the sky, perfectly round and filled with an unwilling hopelessness. He had died with nothing but injustices filling his mind.

And Lin Ming didn’t even glance back at him. He only removed Hall Master Situ’s spatial ring and then tossed away the hand. With another blink, he had shot forwards several miles!

The reason he had dealt with Hall Master Situ first was because Lin Ming guessed that the God Transforming Pill was on his body and wanted to prevent him from hiding or ruining the pill in his desperation. Then, Lin Ming decided to chase after the fastest one, who was that surnamed Lian old man.

Lian Shiyu had an excellent flight treasure on him. He had told everyone to flee with a true essence sound transmission in order to create an opportunity to escape. He expected that Lin Ming would kill the slower ones first, giving him a chance to catch his breath and make it out of here.

Lian Shiyu completely poured all of his true essence into the flight treasure. In his entire life, he had never flown so quickly before!

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