Chapter 801 – Unstoppable

Chapter 801 – Unstoppable

Three martial artists died yet again. The true essence energy arrows killed their targets even past a hundred steps. Every non-high level Life Destruction martial artist here could only allow themselves to be freely slaughtered!

Such a disparity made a chill crawl down all the martial artists’ backs. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that as long as Lan Lanjian had the thought to kill them, their blood would splash across down the mountain slopes in the next moment!

This sort of irresistible despair made them all wish to immediately flee these slaughter grounds.

The entire square was dyed blood red with corpses scattered all over the grounds. In just several breaths of time, over 20 people had already died here.

“You bastard!” The Snowcap Sect’s Highest Elder was outraged. He could only stare helplessly on as Lin Ming used the Chain of Stars to kill seven or eight of his Snowcap Sect disciples. Every single disciple that was qualified to come to this gathering of heroes was an astounding young elite of their generation. But, before they could even grow, Lin Ming had already chopped them down as if he were cutting vegetables!

“Since you dare to kill my Snowcap Sect’s disciples, then I, Lian Shiyu, will never allow you to leave here alive!”

“Hahaha!” Lin Ming sneered, “To think another idiot would speak such pathetic words at this point. If...

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