Chapter 800 – Blood Washed Jagged Slope Mountain

Chapter 800 – Blood Washed Jagged Slope Mountain

For most of the famous sect Elders present, their fires of life were already subsiding; it was nearly impossible for them to take another step forward in their cultivation within their lives. In this case, the God Transforming Pill that could increase their chances of successfully reaching the divine Sea realm wasn’t too tempting.

The reason many of them had come to take a chance of obtaining the God Transforming Pill was in consideration of their disciples. Even if they swallowed the God Transforming Pill themselves, there basically wasn’t any chance for them to pass from the fifth to the sixth stage of Life Destruction.

This Life Bestowing Heaven Pill, on the other hand, was different. Not only did it merely attract the attention of the Elders present but it was a divine pill that they would go crazy over!

The higher boundary a martial artist reached, the more of their life potential they would have dug out, the more vibrant the fires of their life became, and the more difficult it was to extend their life. To a martial artist, an inferior 100 year medicine could lengthen their lives by dozens of years and even have the effect of resurrecting the dead. To a Xiantian realm martial artist, high quality 1000 year medicines had similar effects. But to a Life Destruction master, medicines that could extend their lives could be called legendary treasures. If one didn’t...

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