Chapter 799 Sudden Retaliation

Chapter 799 – Sudden Retaliation

“The entire Jagged Slope Mountain has been closed off and completely sealed away by the array formation here. Thus, I ask of everyone to please patiently wait for a period of time... do not try to leave. Once the three Sir Demon Envoys return, everyone will be able to freely depart.”

As Hall Master Situ spoke, he quietly lifted up the array formation that protected the God Transforming Pill. Then, he put the God Transforming Pill and the medium-grade heaven-step treasure that was on display back into his spatial ring. As he looked around at all the martial artists and saw that none of them seemed bothered by the situation, he nodded with satisfaction.

In an emergency, blocking off the area was the standard procedure. Since this area had the protection of the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division and the might of the Asura Divine Kingdom behind it, no one dared to utter a complaint.

“The sudden events have certainly caused everyone to be shocked and lose time. After Lin Lanjian has been captured, the Asura Divine Kingdom will be sure to compensate everyone here,” Hall Master Situ promised everyone. If they could catch Lin Lanjian then that would be a massive stroke of fortune for the Asura Divine Kingdom. Naturally, no one would care about some minor compensation such as continuing to carry out the cooperative talent training plan.

“Haha, Hall Master Situ is too kind. We shall defer to your recommendation. If there is any assistance you need from us in the future, the Asura Divine Kingdom merely needs to say it and we’ll try our best!”

All of the famed Elders of the various sects flattered Hall Master Situ. Then, time ticked on. Like this, four hours soon passed by…


“Nearly four hours have passed, how come they haven’t returned yet?” Hall Master Situ’s eyebrows shot up. He felt a bit nervous in his heart.

“No matter how much of a genius Lin Lanjian is, he is only a top 300 Destiny Decree martial artist. With the strength of the three Demon Envoys they should be able to capture him. Unless he made some preparations beforehand, such as laying down protective arrays or setting up transmission arrays to escape in time…”

“Impossible. If Lin Lanjian laid down a temporary transmission array, then it shouldn’t be too far. Otherwise, it’d be meaningless. In that case, he'd have either already left through it and escaped or he would’ve been captured by now. It’s impossible for things to drag on for this long.”

“Hall Master Situ, it’s been four hours and Lin Lanjian still hasn’t been captured? When will the great mountain sealing array be lifted up?” A sect Elder asked. Four hours were indeed a long time.

Although Hall Master Situ was cursing in his heart, his face actually revealed a smile full of confidence. “Haha, my Asura Divine Kingdom’s three Demon Envoys are all top 100 Destiny Decree masters. When the three of them act together, there definitely won’t be a problem! The great mountain sealing array will soon be undone. I ask of everyone to please show patience a little while longer.

Once the great mountain sealing array was activated, all flow of information would be isolated, even that of the Asura Divine Kingdom. Moreover, even if they could, Hall Master Situ still wouldn’t rashly bother them. Who knew whether or not they were involved in a brutal fight at this very moment?

“What Hall Master Situ said is right. Elder Sun shouldn’t worry so much. Come, sit down and have a cup with us.”

This gathering of heroes had brought the Elders and outstanding young elites of various great sects together. There was naturally excellent food and wine prepared for all of them. All of it had already been placed on the tables in the square, it was just that no one had had the time to enjoy it yet.

“That’s right, everyone, drink to your heart’s content!” Hall Master Situ laughed out while a radiant and confident smile emblazoned on his face. “Lin Lanjian has stolen the holy relics of my Asura Divine Kingdom and also the inheritances of my people. If we can truly recover our lost legacies today, then I must thank all the Elders here for their help. I respectfully raise a cup to everyone present!”

As he raised his cup of wine and was about to drink it all at once, great ripples suddenly began to run through the great mountain sealing array barrier.

The array got opened?

Hall Master Situ was overjoyed. If there were people on the outside, then it should mean that the three Demon Envoys had returned.

“Hahaha, everyone, the three Sir Demon Envoys have already returned. I shall go and meet with them first before coming back here!”

His face was filled with smiles. The audience all shouted their congratulations but there were also some people that appeared disappointed. If the three Demon Envoys hadn’t caught Lin Lanjian, then that would’ve been better. The bounty reward would have dramatically soared at that time, and if they then joined forces and managed to catch Lin Lanjian, they would have gained even more.

Hall Master Situ just took several steps out when the entire great mountain sealing array shook once again. The scale of energy had obviously risen to another level but there still wasn’t a response. Another loud explosion followed, nearly causing the cup of wine in his hand to fall to the ground.

What was going on?

Hall Master Situ was startled. All of the martial artists present were also stunned. Were the three Demon Envoys attacking the great mountain sealing array?

All of the martial artists felt that this was a bit suspicious. They simultaneously released their perception together to look through the curtains that blocked off the grand temple grounds. Like this, they finally saw the scene occurring outside of the great mountain sealing array.

A white-clothed youth wearing a wood spirit jade mask was holding onto a red long spear, launching a barrage of attacks on the great mountain sealing array!

One spear thrust after the other smashed into the array barrier! Every spear strike caused the ground to shake! Every spear strike caused the entire Jagged Mountain Slope to tremble!

This shocking scene sharply contrasted to the seemingly calm young man that was attacking the array barrier. The twin marks on his wood spirit jade mask seemed quiet and eerie. An air of seeming indifference rolled off him that contained nearly endless murderous intent!

“L-Lin Lanjian!”

“H-how is this possible!? The three Demon Envoys!?”

“He can’t have killed the three Demon Envoys, right!?”

“That’s impossible! Do you even know how strong the three Demon Envoys are? They even have a chance of reaching the Divine Sea realm! Lin Lanjian is indeed a genius, but those three Demon Envoys were also Emperor level talents when they were young! Now they’re sixth stage Life Destruction masters while Lin Lanjian is only a mere late Revolving Core boy. Even though his talent defies the will of the heavens, he still shouldn’t be the Demon Envoys’ match!”

All of the martial artist’s present paled. At this time, Lin Ming thrust out with his by now well-known Penetrating Rainbow attack. The spear light cut through the void, smashing into the great mountain sealing array and causing a crack to appear on the translucent surface of the barrier!

This great mountain sealing array stemmed from the inheritance of the Demon Emperor. The array formation that once sealed up the Nirvana Dragon Root within the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden shared the basic foundation with this current great mountain sealing array. With Lin Ming’s current understanding of array formations, he had already completely understood how to break open this array.

If he had the array opening token, he would be able to easily open it. But now that he didn’t have the token, he chose to attack the weak point of the array formation instead. With his striking power combined with his battle spirit, he could break open a man-sized gap in the barrier in a mere 10 breaths of time.

As the martial artists saw Lin Ming attack the array formation and the cracks extending even further on the barrier, all of their complexions changed. What kind of striking power was this!? This was a great mountain sealing array! Even though it was only the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, it was still able to withstand the attacks of several hundred martial artists combined together!

How could Lin Ming cause cracks to appear in but a few strikes!?

“No one panic! The only reason he can destroy the great array formation is because he is proficient in array formation structures! His true striking power definitely isn’t as strong as it seems! Even if a top 10 Destiny Decree master came here, they still wouldn’t be able to tear open the array formation in a short period of time.”

The sealing arrays passed down from the Demon Emperor’s inheritance were naturally powerful. This was an inheritance that the Asura Divine Kingdom was extremely proud of. But now, it had become counterproductive instead. Without a doubt, Lin Ming’s understanding of the Demon Emperor’s array formations far surpassed their own.

“This brat definitely has a great number of the Demon Emperor’s personal letters!” This thought instantly crossed Hall Master Situ’s mind when there was suddenly a loud cracking sound. The section of the great mountain sealing array in front of Lin Ming suddenly cracked again, finally giving away as a three foot wide opening appeared before him.

“It’s broken!!!! The array has broken!!”

All of the martial artists present were terrified as some of them had already thoughts of retreating. Although Lin Ming was only a Destiny Decree master in the top 300, the strength and abilities he had displayed today caused them all to feel a dreadful dismay.

Lin Ming slowly flew over the square. The reason he had suddenly returned to retaliate was first to teach a profound and lifelong lesson to all of these martial artists that wanted to capture him alive in exchange for a bounty. And the most important point was that he had come to steal the God Transforming Pill.

That pill would be greatly beneficial to him when he decided to cross Life Destruction.

This had been the very simple plan of luring the tiger out of its cave. The reason that the three Demon Envoys had fallen for this was because their hearts were filled with a raging anger, causing their minds to go completely blank. All the Demon Envoys thought about was killing Lin Ming to erase the shame they experienced. But they had far underestimated his flight ability. They never imagined that he could maintain such an ‘extreme speed’ through 8000 miles and still have ample strength left to make his way back and attack the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division.

Thus, this situation had developed into such a strange scene. The Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division, that had three Demon Envoys guarding it, actually had to face the looting of Lin Ming twice!

After he opened the gate of Wonder, he had gained an absolute advantage in speed. Compared to the Gate of Healing’s endurance and recovery ability, and the Gate of Limit’s balance and explosive force, this was far more valuable. As long as he could make use of it, he would be able to accomplish all sorts of unpredictable effects!

His eyes swept over the area where the God Transforming Pill had been. The array formation had already been lifted and the God Transforming Pill had been taken away.

This was to be expected. It was impossible to continue placing the God Transforming Pill in full view of everyone.

But what Lin Ming could be certain of was that the God Transforming Pill was on the body of some Asura Divine Kingdom martial artist currently present. When he stole away the 300,000 spirit essence stones after which the three Demon Envoys had chased him in hot pursuit, it was impossible for those three Demon Envoys to undo the array formation and stow away the God Transforming Pill in such a short amount of time.

Thus, the God Transforming Pill had to have been left behind in this square. The highest probability was that it was taken away by the person in charge of the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division.

As his eyes swept over everyone, they eventually settled on a black-clothed old man. Besides those three high-ranked Destiny Decree sect Elders Lin Ming had already seen, this black-clothed old man was the most glaring and obnoxious looking one. Moreover, his cultivation had also reached the fifth stage of Life Destruction. There was an over 90% chance that he was the person heading the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division.

This black-clothed old man was Hall Master Situ. Hall Master Situ extracted a spear from his spatial ring, his expression incomparably solemn and grim. He didn’t know how Lin Ming had tricked the three Demon Envoys, but what he knew was that the three Demon Envoys had failed!

This was the most important test in his life as well as the greatest chance he would ever encounter!

If he could capture Lin Ming alive, then that would be an unbelievably great merit. He would obtain the generous reward of the Asura Divine Kingdom! As he thought of this, his entire body tensed as even his eyes lit up with a bloodthirsty and excited light.

“All heroes present, to anyone that can help me capture this thief today, not only will I reward you 500,000 spirit essence stones and the God Transforming Pill, I’ll also reward a single Life Bestowing Heaven Pill!”

At this critical moment Hall Master Situ could no longer care about anything. In order to seize Lin Ming he had to do everything within his power, even if that meant promising such a heavy reward that he had no authority to hand it out.

The Life Bestowing Heaven Pill!!!

Hall Master Situ’s words caused the Elders of all the large sects present to be surprised for a moment. Then, their eyes immediately bloomed with a blazingly eager light!

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