Chapter 799 – Sudden Retaliation

Chapter 799 – Sudden Retaliation

“The entire Jagged Slope Mountain has been closed off and completely sealed away by the array formation here. Thus, I ask of everyone to please patiently wait for a period of time... do not try to leave. Once the three Sir Demon Envoys return, everyone will be able to freely depart.”

As Hall Master Situ spoke, he quietly lifted up the array formation that protected the God Transforming Pill. Then, he put the God Transforming Pill and the medium-grade heaven-step treasure that was on display back into his spatial ring. As he looked around at all the martial artists and saw that none of them seemed bothered by the situation, he nodded with satisfaction.

In an emergency, blocking off the area was the standard procedure. Since this area had the protection of the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division and the might of the Asura Divine Kingdom behind it, no one dared to utter a complaint.

“The sudden events have certainly caused everyone to be shocked and lose time. After Lin Lanjian has been captured, the Asura Divine Kingdom will be sure to compensate everyone here,” Hall Master Situ promised everyone. If they could catch Lin Lanjian then that would be a massive stroke of fortune for the Asura Divine Kingdom. Naturally, no one would care about some minor compensation such as continuing to carry out the cooperative talent training p...

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