Chapter 798 – Unbelievable Speed

Chapter 798 – Unbelievable Speed

“This brat, how is this even possible!?”

The three Demon Envoys were running out of breath. They thought that Lin Ming used some kind of arcane ability that stimulated his bodily potential in order reach such extreme speeds. Those arcane abilities usually caused a few detrimental side effects, and were also impossible to maintain forever. However, Lin Ming didn’t seem like he had used up any strength at all, even after flying for such a long time. In fact, he seemed to have a great deal of energy left over. It also seemed that the more he flew, the faster he became! This was just too strange!

1000 miles….

2000 miles….

3000 miles…

4000 miles…

Once they reached 5000 miles, Lin Ming still hadn’t slowed down, even after passing over the entire Jagged Slope Mountain Range.

“Damn it! What should we do?”

The third Asura Demon Envoy asked. He was a middle-aged man, ranked 93rd on the Destiny Decree. He currently had a pained expression...

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