Chapter 797 – Robbery

Chapter 797 – Robbery

The entire square was left in silence. Yan Junxuan was still lying bleeding on the ground as several Misty Stream Sect Elders were glaring at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s brush speed was too fast. As soon as the words appeared they seemed to tear through the talent announcement list paper, carrying a sharp spear intent with them.

Every martial artist present was shocked.

“Lin… Lin Lanjian!!!!”

Some martial artists were befuddled for a moment. But in that instant, a light flashed in Lin Ming’s hand and a red long spear rushed out like a crimson flood dragon, directly striking the weak point of the spirit essence stone box’s barrier shield!

Penetrating Rainbow!

Energy roared. With an explosive crackling sound, the entire barrier shattered to pieces!

This explosion finally caused everyone’s minds to be shaken out of their daze. This wood spirit jade-masked youth was actually Lin Lanjian! And the red spear he used as well as the spear move absolutely proved this point.

He was planning to raise a ruckus at the gathering site?

The Demon Envoy who was personally garrisoning this square was furious. The chair he sat on broke apart as he stood up and fired himself towards Lin Ming.

The other Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists rapidly blocked the area, wanting to capture Lin Ming. Although they were far from being Lin...

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