Chapter 797 Robbery

Chapter 797 – Robbery

The entire square was left in silence. Yan Junxuan was still lying bleeding on the ground as several Misty Stream Sect Elders were glaring at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s brush speed was too fast. As soon as the words appeared they seemed to tear through the talent announcement list paper, carrying a sharp spear intent with them.

Every martial artist present was shocked.

“Lin… Lin Lanjian!!!!”

Some martial artists were befuddled for a moment. But in that instant, a light flashed in Lin Ming’s hand and a red long spear rushed out like a crimson flood dragon, directly striking the weak point of the spirit essence stone box’s barrier shield!

Penetrating Rainbow!

Energy roared. With an explosive crackling sound, the entire barrier shattered to pieces!

This explosion finally caused everyone’s minds to be shaken out of their daze. This wood spirit jade-masked youth was actually Lin Lanjian! And the red spear he used as well as the spear move absolutely proved this point.

He was planning to raise a ruckus at the gathering site?

The Demon Envoy who was personally garrisoning this square was furious. The chair he sat on broke apart as he stood up and fired himself towards Lin Ming.

The other Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists rapidly blocked the area, wanting to capture Lin Ming. Although they were far from being Lin Ming’s match, they could still manage to delay him a bit.

In this heavy encirclement of danger, a mere finger snap of time was enough to take one’s life!

Facing the trained and coordinated response of the Asura Divine Kingdom’s martial artists, Lin Ming simply seemed unaware of it all. He grabbed the box of spirit essence stones and stuffed it into his spatial ring.

“You dare!?!?”

The Demon Envoy’s eyes turned bright red. He finally understood that the reason Lin Ming came here today was to rob them!

The Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division had a total of three Demon Envoys guarding the land as well as Elders and masters from various famous sects of the four Divine Kingdoms. Yet, underneath all of these personages’ eyes, Lin Lanjian actually dared to openly rob the reward they had posted!?!?

The Demon Envoy simply thought that Lin Lanjian had lost his mind. This was a suicidal action!

“If you want to die so badly then let me help you!”

The Asura Demon Envoy took out a 10 foot long overlord spear from his spatial ring. He gripped the spear with both hands and smashed it down towards Lin Ming!

This Demon Envoy’s strength was ranked 83 on the Destiny Decree. Against Lin Ming, who was only ranked near the end of the Destiny Decree, he could definitely instantly kill him!

The Demon Envoy’s spear strike came tumbling down as if an entire mountain range was collapsing. A terrifying flux of energy tore through space. If Lin Ming was struck by this spear attack then he would definitely be split in half.

A Revolving Core realm martial artist who was split apart at the waist could still maintain their life as long as they were treated in time. The Asura Demon Envoy planned to capture Lin Ming alive and torture out all of the details from him that concerned the Demon Emperor’s inheritances.

Lin Ming stared blankly on as the Demon Envoy’s spear came smashing down on him. This spear’s power and might far exceeded Lin Ming’s own Bury the Heavens and its speed had reached an incredible degree.

This was the strength of a top 100 ranked Destiny Decree master.

Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a grin. Energy erupted from his knees; the Gate of Wonder opened!

Breaking through the limits of the body and instantly reached the limit of speed, Lin Ming’s feet twisted as space distorted underneath him. With a single step, Lin Ming had vanished like a puff of smoke.

Although Lin Ming couldn’t directly face the Demon Envoy, after he had opened the Gate of Wonder, he could rely on his speed alone to show disdain for the Destiny Decree!


The Asura Demon Envoy’s spear crashed into the high platform, causing the entire structure to loudly crumble into nothing. The earth broke apart and all of the surrounding martial artists were sent flying away by the shockwave. Those with weaker cultivations spat out great mouthfuls of blood.

And at this time, Lin Ming had already reappeared 1000 feet away.

The Asura Demon Envoy’s spear had missed.

He couldn’t believe it. His spear had missed!?

Not only had his spear speed reached the limit but it also contained the Concept of Space. It could be used to twist and lock down the surrounding space. Yet, his attack had actually been dodged by a mere late Revolving Core martial artist!?

This was not a speed that a Revolving Core martial artist could have!

This ghostly scene caused the Asura Demon Envoy’s heart to seethe with rage. He shouted out, “Stop him! Open the sealing array!”

At the moment the Asura Demon Envoy shouted out, three Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists shot towards Lin Ming. Two of them were impressively Life Destruction martial artists.


Lin Ming coldly spat out that single word. And, without even using a spear move, three arrows of battle spirit-infused true essence air shot out from Lin Ming’s mouth, directly colliding with the three Asura Divine Kingdom martial artist’s heads!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

With three loud bursting sounds, the three Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists’ heads blew apart like watermelons, their brain fluids showering into the air.


All of the heroic young elites present held their breath, unable to even think properly. They only felt their minds tremble. Of those three Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists, two of them were first stage Life Destruction martial artists that were absolutely not inferior to any of them. Yet, in front of Lin Lanjian, they had been nothing but ants. They had been shot to death by nothing but true essence air arrows!

In other words, if Lin Lanjian wanted to kill them, he would only need to breathe in their general direction. And the reason that he didn’t kill Yan Junxuan with a single breath just now was all in order to hide his strength.

This disparity couldn’t even be described by clouds and mud. This was the first time that any of them had encountered a talent that was terrifying to the extent of making them tremble with dismay. This was a strength that left everyone weeping in despair!

“You bastard!”

The Demon Envoy angrily shouted and thrust his spear towards Lin Ming. He revolved his true essence to the limit, completely opening all of his energy. With every step he took, mountains quaked and rivers surged!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Massive five foot deep footprints appeared all over the entire square. All of these footprints were several feet wide and they sent countless shards of rock scattering into the air. All of the martial artists in the square were blown away like pieces of straw in a tornado, thrown out in all directions.

The Demon Envoy had only used his movement technique, but the dark energy hidden in the shockwaves was already enough to severely wound the weaker martial artists.

Lin Ming heard the sound of air splitting from behind him. He didn’t need to look back to know that the Asura Demon Envoy was chasing after him. He thought little of it, instead completely opening the Gate of Wonder. In addition, with the ethereal and exquisite ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’, his speed rapidly climbed to the extreme.


Lin Ming became a ray of light that cut through the vast horizon, crossing over a dozen miles in an instant. All of the martial artists still at the square were left dumbfounded.

Was this really speed that a human could possess?

Rumble rumble!

The sealing array formation that covered the entire Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division began to activate. But to Lin Ming, this large-scale array formation had started far too slowly.

Moreover, he had already found a great weak point in this massive array. Since this array also originated from the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, Lin Ming had been able to easily unravel it.

“Penetrating Rainbow!”

With a thrust, Lin Ming’s spear stabbed into the weak point of the just now activated array. With a loud tearing sound, a section of the array dozens of feet wide suddenly burst open in front of him, allowing him to run out with ease.

“You lunatic!”

A loud shout came from somewhere else in the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, rumbling outwards like a passing thundercloud.

The two other Demon Envoys also joined the chase!

In broad daylight, under the watchful eyes of everyone, as well as with three Asura Divine Kingdom Demon Envoys personally guarding the branch division, Lin Ming had actually made his way in and stolen away 300,000 spirit essence stones. This was too disgraceful!

Once news of this spread out, their Asura Divine Kingdom would lose face!

“We must overtake him!”

“We have to obtain the Demon Emperor’s inheritance!”

“After searching his soul, turn him into a corpse doll and hang him atop the gates of our Divine Kingdom’s cities! Let them see the glory and might of our Asura Divine Kingdom!”

“No one is allowed to dishonor the glory of our Divine Kingdom!”

The three Demon Envoys all wore black clothes. Their hearts raged with an inferno of hate and anger. Even if they caught Lin Ming today, this would still become a stain on their lives that they would never be able to erase!

One person fleeing with three people chasing. They cut through the skies like falling stars, flying into the far off horizon!

Within the square, the martial artists there were bewildered. Although Lin Lanjian’s name and reputation rang out like thunder in their ears, seeing was believing. They never imagined that Lin Lanjian would appear in the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division and openly challenge the very dignity of the Asura Divine Kingdom!

A man and his spear, Lin Lanjian by himself had demolished the Asura Divine Kingdom’s gathering of heroes, stolen away 300,000 spirit essence stones, instantly killed three Asura Divine Kingdom masters, and then… left without injury!

Just what kind of boldness was this!!!

In the face of an entire Divine Kingdom hunting after him, Lin Lanjian hadn’t hidden his identity and secluded himself in some remote mountain range. Instead, he had caused a ruckus in the Asura Divine Kingdom’s Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division!

“This Lin Lanjian is too terrifying!”

“He looks just over 20 years old and yet he can contend with a Demon Envoy…”

“And when he fled, was that even human speed…?”

“Even the mountain sealing array formation wasn’t able to stop him. He cannot be judged by common sense!”

“What a monster!”

All of the martial artists in the square were talking amongst themselves. Many of the heroic young elites had pale and weak complexions. Compared with Lin Lanjian, the difference was simply too great!

“What do we do? Should we still involve ourselves in this?” Some martial artists already had the idea of withdrawing. Lin Lanjian was far too ruthless for them. He had even dared break his way into the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division that was guarded by three Demon Envoys.

“Don’t be afraid, that Lin Lanjian is only fast; his strength should still only rank at around 300 on the Destiny Decree. That, at least, shouldn’t be wrong. Otherwise he wouldn’t have run, but would have fought with the Demon Envoy!”

“If we join forces then we have no need to fear him. We also have many Destiny Decree masters here, and many of them are even above Corpsemancer. Moreover, we have the support of the Asura Divine Kingdom. After Lin Lanjian messed with the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, the bounty on him will definitely rise again!”

“The Asura Divine Kingdom had their face swept to the ground and even had 300,000 spirit essence stones stolen away. They will never let this go.”

“Although you say that, I don’t think that Lin Lanjian will be able to successfully run away. Those are three Demon Envoys chasing him! Lin Lanjian’s speed is extraordinary but his strength and cultivation are far too low. Even if he relies on some sort of arcane skill or treasure to momentarily match the three Demon Envoys in speed, he won’t be able to keep it up forever. There is no way his endurance and thickness of his true essence will be able to last much longer. As for those three Demon Envoys, all three of them are sixth stage Life Destruction masters!”

“Not wrong. Perhaps that Lin Lanjian will perish here at Jagged Slope Mountain today. Although his cultivation and strength are amazing, he is still far too young. He will pay the price for his impulsiveness!”

As the numerous martial artists within the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division were speaking, Lin Ming’s chase by the three Demon Envoys had already continued for several hundred miles!

With the speed from the Gate of Wonder combined with ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’, Lin Ming produced a sonic boom as he flew in the air. He also used the black bat wings that Corpsemancer had left behind. Before this, Lin Ming had roughly managed to alter them for his own use. After all, this was still a heaven-step flight treasure. It could definitely increase Lin Ming’s speed.

With all three of these factors combined together, Lin Ming was a level faster than the three Demon Envoys. But, he controlled his speed so that the three Demon Envoys were following behind him.

Behind Lin Ming, just 10 miles away, the three Demon Envoys’ faces had darkened to the point of dripping water.

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