Chapter 796 Lin Lanjian

Chapter 796 – Lin Lanjian

Lin Ming silently observed the strength of the current Destiny Decree masters. The conclusion he drew was that besides the three Demon Envoys, the other Destiny Decree martial artists here were extremely ordinary.

“The God Transforming Pill and the 300,000 spirit essence stones are placed apart from each other. The most I’ll be able to grab is just one of them. The God Transforming Pill is too close to the Demon Envoy; I’ll only be able to snatch the spirit essence stones…”

As Lin Ming looked at the box of spirit essence stones on the high platform he discovered that there was actually a small protective array formation surrounding it. There was something like a transparent layer of glass covering the spirit essence stones.

However, this array formation had only been casually laid down. With Lin Ming’s current strength and degree of understanding into array formations, breaking through it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

Bluntly said, this array formation was simply placed there for grandstanding. The Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division would never even dream that someone would openly and blatantly steal from them at their gathering site.

The only one capable of doing so was a top ranked Destiny Decree master, otherwise stealing from here would simply be the same as a death sentence. But, which ranked Destiny Decree master would dare to provoke the wrath of the Asura Divine Kingdom?

Lin Ming didn’t care about any of that. He and the Asura Divine Kingdom had already reached the point of never giving up until the other party had died.

Even if Lin Ming was willing to hand over the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ and the Demon Emperor Armor, the Asura Divine Kingdom would still chase him down so that he couldn’t reveal any secrets to anyone else. They would even use a soul searching technique to confirm whether his cultivation method was true or fake.

Moreover, the main point was that it was impossible for Lin Ming to give away the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’. The Asura Divine Kingdom assumed Lin Ming had obtained some jade slip inheritance, but the truth was that Lin Ming had obtained the memories of the Demon Emperor. If he wanted to engrave the cultivation method manual onto a jade slip then first he would need to completely and thoroughly understand the cultivation method in order to do so.

Otherwise, Lin Ming would have already recorded the ‘Heretical God Force’ for Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu to train with.

At this point, a loud explosion erupted from the front of the square. Yan Junxuan had sent his opponent flying backwards, vomiting great mouthfuls of blood.

An old man flew out from the crowd, catching that severely wounded young elite and then glowering at Yan Junxuan.

Yan Junxuan appeared unaware of all of this. He only said, “This is a comparison of skill; serious injuries are oftentimes inevitable.”

“Humph!” The old man coldly snorted and fed several pills to the severely wounded disciple. Since his disciple was weaker than others, there was nothing else to say.

“This Yan Junxuan really lives up to his fame. He should be the top talent of my Skyflower Province’s younger generation!”

“Humph, that is only the number one talent of the Skyflower Province. There is still an immeasurable difference between them and the talents of the Central Province, let alone a monstrous genius like Lin Lanjian.” In the square, a martial artist couldn’t bear to see Yan Junxuan act so domineering and haughty, so he began to mock him.

“That’s right, Lin Lanjian is around the same age as Yan Junxuan and yet he’s already ranked on the Destiny Decree!”

A disciple from another sect shouted from under the stage.

“Lin Lanjian? Hehe…” Yan Junxuan sneered. “Lin Lanjian is only a stepping stone on my road of martial artists. Who cares about how talented he is? Once he is captured by my Misty Stream Sect, he is simply a God Transforming Pill to improve my strength. As for the Destiny Decree, once I have obtained the God Transforming Pill then I will inevitably rank on the list in another two years!”

“What a load of crap. You think your Misty Stream Sect can even catch Lin Lanjian?”

“Humph! Since my Misty Stream Sect dares to say so then we naturally have secret techniques to locate missing persons! Even though I wouldn’t say it is 90% assured, it is still 60-70% assured! History only remembers winners. When I succeed, I will be recorded in the annals of history. As for Lin Lanjian, he will be nothing but a brief fading comet, quickly forgotten by everyone!”

Yan Junxuan’s words were filled with complete confidence. Combined with his aura that proved he had the qualifications to speak, none of the other juniors dared to step forwards to confront him. As for the seniors here, they naturally couldn’t lower their status by jabbing themselves into the struggles of juniors. Quickly, the entire gathering site had been pressured by Yan Junxuan alone.

“Is there anyone else who disagrees!?”

Yan Junxuan shouted out loud. For a time, there was no response.

Yan Junxuan was very satisfied with his results. He strode towards the talent announcement on the high platform, preparing to write his name down. But at this moment, he suddenly heard the sound of fluttering clothes from behind him. A blue-clothed man wearing a mask of wood spirit jade had flown onto the stage set up in the square.

This person was Lin Ming.

Yan Junxuan frowned and placed down the brush in his hands. “There really is someone unafraid of death here.”

His eyes paused on Lin Ming’s wood spirit jade mask for a moment. He quickly remembered that Lin Ming was the martial artist that had been quietly sitting in the corner of the restaurant.

It wasn’t rare to see a martial artist wear a wood spirit jade mask, but there were differences in every mask. Lin Ming’s mask had a touch of black above the eyes. This allowed Yan Junxuan to recognize him.

Yan Junxuan lightly humphed, not even placing Lin Ming in his eyes. In his opinion, Lin Ming was just a martial artist that had stumbled onto the news of the reward.  This fellow was simply a blind cat hoping to catch a mouse. He thought he could come to the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division and hope to randomly find clues about Lin Ming somehow. Then, when he saw this talent training plan, his blood had heated up for a moment. This sort of person was only looking to get beaten up.

“Who are you? Name yourself!”

“Mushuang Family Clan, Mushuang Jian.” Lin Ming randomly made up a background and name. In such an incomparably vast Sky Spill Continent, there were far too many family clans and even many family clans hidden away in their own mystic realms and territories. It was impossible to know of every family clan.

Yan Junxuan sized up Lin Ming. Although this person’s facial features were blocked, from what he could see and from the tenor of his voice, this person should be relatively young.

“What is the Mushuang Family Clan? I’ve never heard of it!”

“There are many family clans you’ve never heard of.” Lin Ming calmly replied. He wasn’t much interested in this fight that was no different from slapping little children around. To the current him, he was on a completely different level from the young juniors of his generation.

“Hahahaha! How interesting! Very interesting! A boy from a little known family clan actually dares to be so arrogant in front of me. Then, let me teach you a lesson. Meet my sword!”


With a shrill keening sound, Yan Junxuan’s sword pierced towards Lin Ming’s face. Lin Ming took a step back. In front of the Asura Divine Kingdom powerhouses he naturally couldn’t use moves such as Penetrating Rainbow or Bury the Heavens. Otherwise, they would be able to see that his moves shared origins with the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’.

Besides those moves, Lin Ming also had the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ as well as the body transformation cultivation method, the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’. Although the striking power was weaker, it was more than enough to deal with a little baby like Yan Junxuan. In fact, Lin Ming didn’t even need to use any special style to defeat him with ease.

Stepping to the side, Lin Ming lowered his center of gravity and then moved forwards.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!

True essence concentrated into filaments of thread. Lin Ming punched out, energy cascading outwards!


With a loud explosion, Yan Junxuan’s sword energy was scattered into nothingness by Lin Ming’s fist. Lin Ming’s fist potential didn’t diminish at all, smashing straight towards Yan Junxuan.


Yan Junxuan was greatly shocked. He cut down with his sword again, hoping to split apart Lin Ming’s fist force. In fact, Yan Junxuan’s sword speed was quite spectacular. In front of an incoming enemy he was able to immediately cut out with a second attack.

However, in the face of an absolute disparity in strength, small advantages like this were negligible.

Vibrating true essence erupted. For a time, it was like Yan Junxuan was a leaf caught in a storm of energy, unable to resist at all.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Yan Junxuan was sent flying backwards by Ln Ming’s punch. True essence rampaged through his body, injuring all of the organs in his body and destroying his meridians!

Lin Ming continued to attack. He took a sudden step forwards and punched out again. He had held back on his first punch so that he wouldn’t harm Yan Junxuan’s life, but this second punch was to demonstrate just how ruthless and cruel he could be. This was to have those little children milling around him open their eyes so that no one dared to challenge him anymore.


Yan Junxuan’s master shouted. But, he didn’t have time to prevent Lin Ming’s attack. The second punch solidly smashed into Yan Junxuan’s back, and with a loud cracking noise, all of Yan Junxuan’s bones were fractured. He vomited a massive mouthful of blood and then fainted on the spot.

After this strike, even if Yan Junxuan’s master used all sorts of top heavenly treasures to save him, it would still take him at least half a year to recover. Moreover, there would still be damage left behind!

This silly fellow had desired to capture him alive to trade him for a God Transforming Pill in order to make a breakthrough. Lin Ming wouldn’t pity someone like this. If it wasn’t for the fact that killing him would have set off a storm of chaos here, Lin Ming wouldn’t have minded sending him off to an early start on the road to hell.


As Yan Junxuan’s master saw his own disciple beaten to a pulp in front of his eyes, he was furious. If this wasn’t the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division then he would have already ripped Lin Ming to shreds.

“Haha, Sovereign Yan, don’t be so angry. This is a comparison of skill – serious injuries are oftentimes inevitable!” An Elder from another sect sarcastically remarked. When Yan Junxuan had severely wounded his last opponent, Sovereign Yan had spoken these exact words. And the person that Yan Junxuan had severely wounded was his disciple.

To be able to speak such words and release the frustration in his heart, his thoughts had become incomparably smooth.

“Good! Good! Very good!” The Misty Stream Sect Sovereign said with an extremely cold voice. In his heart, he had already sentenced this Mushuang Jian and his Mushuang Family Clan to death. As long as this family clan was no more than a basic fifth-grade sect then he would have them pay the most painful price.

“Would anyone else like to come onstage?”

Lin Ming indifferently said as he stood on top of the stage. The wood spirit jade mask covered up any expression he made. Those two strange black marks that angled down above his eyes began to look like black snakes that exuded thick killing intent, causing everyone who looked to shudder.

No one dared to respond. This youth was simply sadistic and his strength was so high that it was a complete mess. If anyone stepped on stage… well, Yan Junxuan had already become their example!

Lin Ming had expected this situation to occur. He began moving towards the high platform, openly stepping towards the 300,000 spirit essence stones. This was the entire reason that Lin Ming had bothered ruining Yan Junxuan. It was because he needed to approach this area first.

He picked up the thickest and roughest brush available. At the same time, Lin Ming’s eyes nonchalantly swept over the array formation that covered the 300,000 spirit essence stones. In that instant, the countless complex symbols that comprised the array formation reflected in his pupils as he rapidly deconstructed them.

All of the martial artists present were completely focused on Lin Ming’s body.

The Asura Divine Kingdom’s Demon Envoy slightly frowned. He felt something was wrong but he just couldn’t place his finger on what it was.

Lin Ming dipped the two foot long brush fully into the ink. Then, his brush movements flowed like the wind.

In the blink of an eye, three words filled with a thick murderous intent suddenly appeared like a flash of lightning on the surface of the talent announcement list.

Lin Lanjian!

As the word ‘jian’ was finally completed with a long vertical stroke, because of the daring spirit and powerful strength contained within, the brush seemed to become like a true sword, directly splitting the talent announcement list in half!

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