Chapter 794 Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division

Chapter 794 – Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division

The temptation of the posted reward was simply too great. Many people wished that they could dig 30 feet underneath themselves to look for Lin Ming, and some dreamed of the luxurious life they could live after obtaining so many spirit essence stones.

At this point, a burst of laughter was emitted in the restaurant hall. The crowd turned see that in a corner of the hall there was a martial artist wearing a black bamboo hat who was pouring himself a drink. There was a four foot long sword placed on his table.

The martial artist didn’t look too old, but the fierce spirit he emitted was menacing.

He looked at the big fellow who was spreading the news and said, “Friend, did you say that there was a 300,000 spirit essence stone reward for capturing Lin Lanjian alive, as well as a top-grade pill and a peak medium-grade heaven step treasure? Then, let me ask you, just what sort of top quality pill and what sort of peak medium-grade heaven-step treasure are they?”

The black bamboo hat martial artist’s words left everyone astonished. According to his meaning, it was as if he really planned on capturing Lin Lanjian alive. All of the other martial artists here hoped at most to be able to find some clues on Lan Lanjian that would lead to his capture; no one dared to possibly think of capturing him alive. After all, Lin Lanjian was a Destiny Decree master – he could use just his finger to stab them to death.

“It is the God Transforming Pill!”

The big fellow seemed to know a lot of inside information. Lin Ming even suspected that he was one of the Asura Divine Kingdom’s intelligence agents that was specifically responsible for disseminating this news.

“God Transforming Pill?”

As the pill was named, most of the martial artists present had a confused expression, obviously never having heard of it before. However, some of the more knowledgeable martial artists’ eyes widened, an expression of terrible shock flitting through their faces.

“A God Transforming Pill can help a high stage Life Destruction powerhouse attack the Divine Sea. Of course, one can also use it during the lower stages of Life Destruction to solidify their true essence and strengthen themselves to create a better foundation for breaking through to the Divine Sea in the future. But that second method is definitely more wasteful.”

“This is a pill that a top 50 ranked master of the Destiny Decree would go mad with jealousy over. Because swallowing one will greatly increase one’s chances of reaching the Divine Sea, it is thus named the God Transforming Pill!

The big fellow explained with boisterous and flourishing gestures.

This explanation caused all the present martial artists to suck in a deep breath of cold air. This item might not be any less valuable than 300,000 spirit essence stones. In fact, its worth was probably even higher!

Lin Ming drank some wine and pulled his jade spirit mask back down to block his wide taunting sneer. The Asura Divine Kingdom truly had laid down the requisite capital. Even he wanted to report himself.

However, this was also reasonable. Whether it was the deep level inheritance of the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ or the Demon Emperor Armor, both of them were legacy treasures that could drive the royal family insane.

“God Transforming Pill… if I can obtain that, it can help rapidly increase my strength after I reach Life Destruction.”

“So it was the God Transforming Pill… good, good, good!” The bamboo hat martial artist bellowed out three ‘goods’ in a row, as if the God Transforming Pill had been specifically prepared for him. This caused all the other martial artists to feel extremely unhappy. This sort of pill was something that they could never ever dream of reaching, and yet this fellow seemed as if it were easily obtainable for him.

“What are you so happy about? It’s as if you think the pill is already yours. You are just far too arrogant. Even if you found Lin Lanjian, do you even think you could capture him alive?”

A martial artist bluntly said. After all, Destiny Decree martial artists weren’t some random cabbage off the streets. There were only 360 of them within the entire Sky Spill Continent. In addition, because of others that weren’t listed for various reasons, there were about 500 individuals of that approximate level in total.

All of these people were scattered over the incomparably broad continent. However, most of them were concentrated in the four Divine Kingdoms, their various homelands, and headquarters of super sects. He didn’t believe that he would randomly bump into a Destiny Decree master in this restaurant.

That would make a Destiny Decree master far too cheap.

“Lin Lanjian managed to rank on the Destiny Decree at an extraordinarily young age. After several more months pass his cultivation might grow again.”

“Defeating a master is difficult, killing a master is even harder, and as for capturing one alive, that is another level of trouble altogether. If you want to capture Lin Lanjian alive then you need to be ranked at least 270-280 on the Destiny Decree. That is equal to being a sixth stage Life Destruction master. Do you think you have that strength?”

As someone spoke up first, several other martial artist also chorused in agreement. Many of them weren’t feeling so swell about this bamboo hat martial artist to begin with. Did he really think he was so awesome?

As the bamboo hat martial artist faced all of the surrounding martial artists’ suspicions and doubts, he only sneered in response, not bothering to respond to them and instead only lazily scratching his chin.

At this time, the big fellow’s eyes turned and he asked, “May I ask what your honored name is?”

“Misty Stream Sect, Yan Junxuan!” The bamboo hat martial artist turned his head so that people could finally see his face. He was a very handsome individual, his looks marred only by a scar that flowed down the corner of an eye.

To a high level martial artist, repairing a scar was nothing at all. If a martial artist still had a scar on their face then it was likely intentionally left behind. This scar likely reminded this man of a shameful defeat he had suffered in the past. This proved that the number of times he had been defeated before was also very small. Perhaps it might have only been one or two times, otherwise his face and body would have already been covered with scars.

This sort of person was undoubtedly an astounding young elite.

“I see, so it is the Misty Stream Sect’s Yan Junxuan. It’s an honor, an honor!” The big fellow cupped his fists together and quickly bowed. Yan Junxuan was over 30 years old and his strength was far from being able to rank on the Destiny Decree. However, he represented the Misty Stream Sect, and the Misty Stream Sect had two Destiny Decree masters guarding the sect that ranked 300 and above. For a sect to have one or two Destiny Decree masters, that was already the highest sect underneath the rank of Holy Land.

Of course, this sort of person may be ranked on the Destiny Decree but their rank wouldn’t be too high. All of the high ranking Destiny Decree masters belonged to various Holy Lands or the four Divine Kingdoms.

Although the two Destiny Decree masters of the Misty Stream Sect weren’t ranked too high, they were actually proficient in trap arrays. Once one was caught within, they wouldn’t be able to make their way out for several months. If they combined forces then there was a very high chance of capturing Lin Lanjian alive.

As the big fellow thought of this he said, “Brother Yan, at the border frontier of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom where the Jagged Slope Mountain is, there is a branch division of my Asura Divine Kingdom. If Brother Yan and your masters are interested then you may come to visit. My Asura Divine Kingdom also has three Sir Demon Envoys personally commanding the area and we can put out enough sincerity so that you can help us search for that dastardly Lin Lanjian and recover the inheritance of the Asura Divine Kingdom!”

As the big fellow spoke to here, his identity had already become apparent. He was obviously an intelligence agent sent out by the Asura Divine Kingdom to search for Lin Ming. After all, this was still the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s domain; he would have to be a bit discreet in his actions here. Also, it was impossible for the Asura Divine Kingdom to send their own martial artists to carry out such a search in the lands of another Divine Kingdom. They could only draw support from the local strength in the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom.

“Oh? Three Sir Demon Envoys!” Although Yan Junxuan was arrogant, he was still startled upon hearing the title of Demon Envoy. For someone to be given the title of Demon Envoy basically meant that they were a top 100 ranked master of the Destiny Decree!

The further one went up the Destiny Decree, the greater the disparity in strength was between the martial artists there. In particular, there were several great milestones at rank 300, 200, 100, 50, 30 and 10 – all of those were massive jumps in strength.

A top 100 ranked master was on a completely different level from a top 300 ranked master.

“Hehe, if there are any clues found about Lin Lanjian and the Sir Demon Envoys personally take action, then that is already the same as capturing him.” The big fellow said with a hint of pride.

“Indeed.” Yan Junxuan nodded in acknowledgement, “They could even instantly kill him too.”

“Very well Brother Yan, the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division’s location is at the east end of the Jagged Slope Mountains, 30 miles southwest from Sloping Lake. I hope that Brother Yan and your masters will be able to visit sometime.” The big fellow didn’t conceal the existence of the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division as there was no need to; the existence of this branch division was not a secret. Jagged Slope Mountain was not part of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s territory in any case, and the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division also had three Demon Envoys personally on garrison duty – absolute safety was ensured.

“Great!” Yan Junxuan readily agreed.

In a corner of the hall, Lin Ming quietly left a high-grade true essence stone on the table before slipping out of the restaurant.

No one imagined that the young man who just left was the bounty target of 300,000 spirit essence stones, a peak medium-grade heaven-step treasure, and a God Transforming Pill.

‘Jagged Slope Mountain, Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, three Demon Envoys… how interesting… that big fellow said that the Asura Divine Kingdom had put out enough ‘sincerity’, I wonder just what that is?’

The so-called ‘sincerity’ was most likely the posted reward. To directly put the reward out would have the greatest visual impact. If one just solely made a promised reward then one couldn’t help but worry that the other party wouldn’t honor their bounty reward at the time.

“Hm, this Jagged Slope Mountain Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division, I too want to go and join in on the fun.”

As Lin Ming thought of this, his feet moved and he quickly flew away from Blue Cloud City.

Jagged Slope Mountain was located at the border frontier of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. It stretched for 4000-5000 feet and the highest point shot up 40,000-50,000 feet into the sky, directly stabbing into the skies.

Here, because there were plenty of rich spirit veins, there were several small martial arts family clans that occupied their own little territories. Of course, the spirit veins they occupied were of a far lower rank than the one lorded over by the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division.

Lin Ming fell down in a beam of light. He stood on a 30,000 feet snowy mountain peak and surveyed the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch that lay a few hundred miles away. “A superior fifth-grade spirit vein, how luxurious!”

For a mere branch division to occupy a superior fifth-grade spirit vein, the legacy of the Divine Kingdom was something that a sect like the South Sea Demon Region could never compete with. It had been said that the Silent Demon Emperor City had also possessed a top ranked spirit vein. However, when the Silent Demon Emperor City was destroyed, several Divine Sea Supreme Elders had used their mighty supernatural powers to shift it away.

“The central lands of the Sky Spill Continent were rich with resources to begin with. And when combined with plundering the surrounding lands for tens of thousands of years, the outer areas of the Sky Spill Continent seem like completely different lands.

“Perhaps the reason the central lands of the Sky Spill Continent are so rich in resources is because of the Sea of Miracles?” Lin Ming suddenly thought of this. This was a true possibility. Otherwise, why would all four Divine Kingdoms revolve around the Sea of Miracles?

“I wonder just what sort of secrets the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss hold within them.”

As Lin Ming stood on the snowy peak, he saw several black spots rapidly approaching from a distance. These black spots quickly became larger, revealing themselves to be spirit boats that were hundreds of feet long. These spirit boats were being pulled by several flying vicious beasts, all of them headed towards the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division.

And behind these spirit boats, there were also several multi-colored ray of lights cutting through the horizon. These were Revolving Core and Life Destruction masters that were flying forwards.

“It looks like the Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division invited many people over.”

Lin Ming leapt down from the snowy mountain peak and stepped on Golden Roc Shattering the Void, leisurely strolling in the air towards the Asura Divine Kingdom.

“I wonder just what sort of sincerity the Asura Divine Kingdom has put forth. My finances have been pretty tight recently. If I could seize this opportunity to grab everything here then that would be perfect.”

As Lin Ming thought of this, he sped up.

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