Chapter 794 – Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division

Chapter 794 – Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division

The temptation of the posted reward was simply too great. Many people wished that they could dig 30 feet underneath themselves to look for Lin Ming, and some dreamed of the luxurious life they could live after obtaining so many spirit essence stones.

At this point, a burst of laughter was emitted in the restaurant hall. The crowd turned see that in a corner of the hall there was a martial artist wearing a black bamboo hat who was pouring himself a drink. There was a four foot long sword placed on his table.

The martial artist didn’t look too old, but the fierce spirit he emitted was menacing.

He looked at the big fellow who was spreading the news and said, “Friend, did you say that there was a 300,000 spirit essence stone reward for capturing Lin Lanjian alive, as well as a top-grade pill and a peak medium-grade heaven step treasure? Then, let me ask you, just what sort of top quality pill and what sort of peak medium-grade heaven-step treasure are they?”

The black bamboo hat martial artist’s words left everyone astonished. According to his meaning, it was as if he really planned on capturing Lin Lanjian alive. All of the other martial artists here hoped at most to be able to find some clues on Lan Lanjian that would lead to his capture; no one dared to possibly think of capturing him alive. After all, Lin Lanjian was a Destiny...

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