Chapter 793 – Sky High Reward

Chapter 793 – Sky High Reward

Three days later, a loud explosion rang out as the stone bed Lin Ming sat on completely collapsed underneath him. All of the top grade true essence stones in the chamber disintegrated, turning into fine powder.

Lin Ming stood up from the heap of rubble and casually dusted his hands and feet. His limbs emitted a crackling ‘ka ka ka’ noise and sounded as if tofu was currently being fried.

He had finally opened the Gate of Wonder!

The Gate of Wonder had the effect of an overall increase in speed and instant acceleration. This differed from the Gate of Healing, which managed endurance and restorative ability, and the Gate of Limit, which handled balance, coordinated strength, and explosive force.

This newly opened gate would be able to increase one’s combat effectiveness far more directly than the first two gates.

Speed was one of the most important factors of a martial artist’s comprehensive combat strength. It was far more straightforward than endurance, recovery ability, or explosive force!

Speed was undoubtedly important in evading and chasing. It would also greatly increase a martial artist’s attack strength.

As the old saying went, speed was insurmountable. A martial artist’s own speed could superimpose on the speed of their own attacks. If their attacks were fast enough, then even a tiny stone rock could easily pierce through the body. If Lin...

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