Chapter 792 – The Gate of Wonder

Chapter 792 – The Gate of Wonder

The direction reagent had already been prepared. Lin Ming then took out the wood spirit jade quintessence. This quail egg-sized jade quintessence was actually several times heavier than gold. At such a small size it was already one jin and three taels.

Lin Ming flicked his fingers and the wood spirit jade quintessence flew into the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

Wood spirit jade was extremely resistant to high temperatures. The older wood spirit jade was, the more difficult it was to refine. And wood spirit jade quintessence could even cause a Divine Sea powerhouse to exhaust themselves.

Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force as well as the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.


Within the Cosmic Melting Furnace, the Burning Star Flame suddenly erupted. With a heaven-step Flame Essence as the source, the wood spirit jade quintessence began to slowly heat up.

“Concept of Burning Heat, Law of Annihilation!”

True essence rapidly revolved within Lin Ming. The totem mark on the Heretical God Seed began to shine with the radiant light of the Laws.

The Eight Dragon Jade Dawn Array fiercely shook. Fire-attribute origin energy twisted into a vortex within the chamber, and the top quality fire-attribute true essence stones began to rapidly lose their shine before they cracked underneath the intense flow of energy and turned into ash.

In such...

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