Chapter 791 – Refining the Fivefade Void Pill

Chapter 791 – Refining the Fivefade Void Pill

Xiaoxiao’s collar was originally very high. As she peeled it off, the deep purple cloth cast a faint silhouette on her pure white skin. Under the swaying and dim candlelight, her luscious body flowed like smooth wood spirit jade; it seemed exceptionally soft and beautiful.

After untying the first buckle, Xiaoxiao seemed to have found her courage. She then continued with the second and the third buckle as she bit her tender lips and said, “Sir Lin, I know that you have the eye and appreciation of the Crown prince. I… I’m merely the head of a small trading company; I haven’t even held a succession ceremony yet. There’s nothing I can bring out that would be able to move you again save for my pure virgin body. Still, even though I know that I am not enough, I have nothing else to offer you…”

Xiaoxiao closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling in the light. Two drops of crystal clear tears silently fell from the corners of her eyes.

Lin Ming never thought that such a sudden change would occur. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

These were the cruel and callous rules of the world.

In the face of absolute power there was no mercy or sympathy. In order to survive, one had to pay a high enough price. Even the exquisite and beautiful Heavencraft Xiaoxiao, a beautiful woman that could cause the downfall of nations...

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