Chapter 789 – 8000 Mile Black Swamp

Chapter 789 – 8000 Mile Black Swamp

Situ Chuan crashed into the Nine Flower Lake, causing ice cold water to splashed into the clear skies.

A single spear strike had sent Situ Chuan rocketing into the lake, but Lin Ming was still flying high in the air as if he hadn’t used much energy at all.

“How terrifying!”

As everyone looked at Lin Ming fluttering high in the air, those several Revolving Core martial artists that had nearly coughed up blood turned even more pallid. A moment ago, they had felt an irresistibly powerful strength in the aftermath of that collision just now. In truth, they were all inferior to Situ Chuan. Although Situ Chuan was older than they were, his cultivation had still reached the peak of the second stage of Life Destruction.

But that Lin Lanjian, his age was unknown. Perhaps he might not even be over 26 years of age. His cultivation was only at the late Revolving Core realm and yet his strength was enough to completely suppress Situ Chuan.

This caused them all to feel greatly frustrated and helpless. This simply didn’t seem like a talent that a human should possess.

It wasn’t just the Revolving Core martial artists that were startled, but the several other Princes in the audience were also shocked. Lin Ming would inevitably become one of the highest peak powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent. Such a person would be able to wield near-unlimited influence throughout the entire continent in the...

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