Chapter 787 – A Stipulation of Ten Moves

Chapter 787 – A Stipulation of Ten Moves

Battle was inevitable.

Yang Yun stood at the center of the Nine Flower Lake’s jade pavilion, his clothes fluttering in the wind as he said with a calm expression, “Must you really fight?”

“Humph, Lin Lanjian has humiliated the legacy of my Divine Kingdom. I must kill him!” Situ Chuan said, his voice brooking no doubt.

“Since that’s the case, let’s make a stipulation of 10 moves. Victory or defeat will be decided in 10 moves; there will be no more fighting after that!”

Yang Yun had settled on 10 moves because he was in fact trying to prevent any deaths occurring from this battle. If these two truly did engage in a fierce struggle, dying wouldn’t be unusual.

Having lives taken at his Nine Flowers Banquet would inevitably bring criticism to Yang Yun. Moreover, his original intention had been to befriend Lin Ming, so he couldn’t allow Situ Chuan to kill him. But on the other hand, it wouldn’t be good if Lin Ming killed Situ Chuan either. Situ Chuan was a Prince of the Asura Divine Kingdom. If he died under Lin Ming’s hands then Lin Ming would be chased down and hunted by the Asura Divine Kingdom. If Yang Yun were to try shielding Lin Ming at that time, then that would be the same as publicly slapping the entire Asura Divine Kingdom in the face.

Although there was always infighting and espionage occurring between the four Divine Kingdoms, nothing...

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