Chapter 787 A Stipulation of Ten Moves

Chapter 787 – A Stipulation of Ten Moves

Battle was inevitable.

Yang Yun stood at the center of the Nine Flower Lake’s jade pavilion, his clothes fluttering in the wind as he said with a calm expression, “Must you really fight?”

“Humph, Lin Lanjian has humiliated the legacy of my Divine Kingdom. I must kill him!” Situ Chuan said, his voice brooking no doubt.

“Since that’s the case, let’s make a stipulation of 10 moves. Victory or defeat will be decided in 10 moves; there will be no more fighting after that!”

Yang Yun had settled on 10 moves because he was in fact trying to prevent any deaths occurring from this battle. If these two truly did engage in a fierce struggle, dying wouldn’t be unusual.

Having lives taken at his Nine Flowers Banquet would inevitably bring criticism to Yang Yun. Moreover, his original intention had been to befriend Lin Ming, so he couldn’t allow Situ Chuan to kill him. But on the other hand, it wouldn’t be good if Lin Ming killed Situ Chuan either. Situ Chuan was a Prince of the Asura Divine Kingdom. If he died under Lin Ming’s hands then Lin Ming would be chased down and hunted by the Asura Divine Kingdom. If Yang Yun were to try shielding Lin Ming at that time, then that would be the same as publicly slapping the entire Asura Divine Kingdom in the face.

Although there was always infighting and espionage occurring between the four Divine Kingdoms, nothing too great had ever broken out. Everyone knew just how terrifying the consequences would be of two Divine Kingdoms engaging in war.

“Humph, 10 moves are more than enough to kill you! Don’t think that you are invincible just because you managed to hang onto the very end of the Destiny Decree. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Princes of the four Divine Kingdoms weren’t allowed to be listed without permission, I too would be on the Destiny Decree!”

For the inheritance of the Divine Emperor’s throne, unless one was an absolute successor like Yang Yun, there would always be struggles that caused tides of blood to bloom throughout the kingdom. At that time, a Prince’s strength was an extremely sensitive topic. Thus, the four great intelligence networks wouldn’t easily arrange a Prince on the Destiny Decree. Yang Yun was also the same. Of course there were also some Princes that were willing to allow themselves to be ranked on the Destiny Decree in order to shore up support for their side. For instance, the Great Smelting Prince was listed on the Destiny Decree.

Although Situ Chuan was full of confidence, the truth was that he kept 120% vigilance and was ready to display his complete strength. He was well aware just how troublesome Lin Ming could be. Corpsemancer was not an idiot. If he died underneath Lin Ming’s hands then Lin Ming naturally had his strengths.

Then Asura Divine Kingdom’s High Prince Successor Situ Feng said, “Ten moves. If Lin Lanjian loses in that time then he must hand over the Demon Emperor Armor.”

Situ Feng was also the descendent of a Divine Sea Supreme Elder and he too was extraordinarily strong, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to participate in this Nine Flowers Banquet. However, Situ Feng, Situ Chuan, Yang Yun, and everyone else here were all the same; their dantian was covered in layers of thick fog so it was impossible to see just how high their cultivation was. This sort of technique to hide one’s cultivation was extremely common in the four Divine Kingdoms.

Situ Feng’s eyes shined as he glared at Lin Ming, full of provocation.

Lin Ming was silent for a moment and then he said in a deep bass voice, “If I lose then I will deliver to you the Demon Emperor Armor. But what if I win? Will you hand me the Demon Emperor Amor’s heartguard mirror?”

“Dream on!” Situ Chuan angrily shouted, “The Demon Emperor Armor is originally the holy relic of my Asura Divine Kingdom. Your ancestors stole the Demon Emperor Armor from us 12,000 years ago, and now you actually desire the heartguard mirror too. You truly have no idea of death or danger!”

“Hehe!” Lin Ming contemplatively smiled, “The one who has no idea of death or danger is you. You keep on spouting on and on about how the Demon Emperor is your ancestor, but yet you have no evidence at all. Are you afraid of betting the heartguard mirror because you know you’ve already lost?”

“You!” Situ Chuan was about to rush forwards before Situ Feng held him down.

“Surname Lin, let alone that it is useless, I will also tell you that it is impossible for us to give you the heartguard mirror. We have no authority to do so and it isn’t in our possession to begin with. If we lose then we will give you 100,000 spirit essence stones!”

Even though Situ Feng promised 100,000 spirit essence stones in a single breath, Lin Ming didn’t even bat an eyelash. “100,000 spirit essence stones as a bet for the Demon Emperor Armor? Your plans are quite exquisite!”

100,000 spirit essence stones was not a small number, but it was naturally far from being able to compare to the Demon Emperor Armor. According to Demonshine, the complete Demon Emperor Armor was no less valuable than the Cosmic Melting Furnace, a quasi-Saint artifact.

Also, a defensive quasi-Saint artifact was extremely rare. In terms of value it would not lose out to a true offensive Saint artifact.

A Saint artifact was extremely valuable even in the Realm of the Gods. It wasn’t something that could be purchased with a mere 100,000 spirit essence stones.

“If you lose then take out 10 jin of million year wood spirit jade and also one jin of wood spirit jade quintessence!”

Situ Feng’s eyes turned red. There was simply no price for million year wood spirit jade. There wasn’t much of that even in the treasuries of the four Divine Kingdoms combined. As for wood spirit jade quintessence, that was even rarer. That required at least five million year wood spirit jade!

After wood spirit jade passed through an immeasurable long time, its most basic components would slowly seep out into the surrounding rock and the impurities within the rock would also permeate the wood spirit jade. It was impossible for ordinary wood spirit jade to exist for several million years, it would simply become a fossil.

In order for wood spirit jade to retain its purity throughout five million years, it would need to be formed from a top heavenly material. For instance, materials such as a 70,000-80,000 year Nirvana Dragon Roots, nine nether grass, profound gold divine fruit, and so on.

These sorts of spiritual plants were few and far between to begin with. Wood spirit jade of this sort was nearly extinct. Once it was formed, it would swallow the natural life essence of the sun and moon, gaining intelligence after a long period of time, and sometimes even gaining its own life.

The value of wood spirit jade quintessence was impossible to measure with spirit essence stones!

“What kind of crazy act are you trying to pull!” Situ Chuan roared.

“Compared to 10 jin of million year wood spirit jade and another jin of wood spirit jade quintessence, the Demon Emperor Armor is still more valuable!” Lin Ming coldly said.

Situ Chuan laughed like a craving madman, “I think that you’ve misunderstood the situation. You simply do not have the qualifications to discuss conditions with us. If my Asura Divine Kingdom wishes to crush you then we can crush you just like an ant!”

“Oh? Then there’s nothing to discuss. Come see me again when you have the guts to make a bet.” Lin Ming began to put his spear away.

If Situ Chuan and Situ Feng didn’t dare to make a bet then they wouldn’t be able to take back the Demon Emperor Armor.

How could the usually proud and arrogant Situ Chuan swallow such an insult?

“I’m afraid you won’t be alive anymore! Ten jin of million year wood spirit jade and another jin of wood spirit jade quintessence. I’ll take your life in 10 moves!”

Situ Chuan had already impatiently jumped out. He pointed his long spear at Lin Ming and said, “ I will use your blood as a sacrifice to the Demon Emperor Armor!”


With a loud rustling sound, hundreds of crimson seals began spinning around the edge of Situ Chuan’s spear. These were all Blood Drinking Seals!

“‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’?”

Lin Ming was slightly startled and then immediately relieved. When he first went into the Demon God Imperial Palace he hadn’t been able to locate the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’. The ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ he knew was the complete cultivation method extracted from the Demon Emperor’s soul fragment. Now it seemed as if the jade slip containing the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ was kept at another ancient ruins site, and this site had been obtained by the Asura Divine Kingdom.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

With a loud whistling sound, several hundred crimson seals rapidly revolved around the long spear. Lin Ming was familiar with all of these moves. In the past, he had once tried stepping onto the slaughter path. However, he eventually proved that the road others trod didn’t necessarily suit him. Only by walking his own path would he be able to move towards the peak of all martial arts.

Lin Ming finally took the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ as well as several other different techniques, using them as a foundation. After comprehending the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ and fusing in the Concept of Space, the Concept of Thunder, as well as the Concept of Fire, he was able to create moves such as Chasing Sun, Chasing Thunder, Penetrating Rainbow, and Bury the Heavens. To Lin Ming, the power of these abilities was far mightier than the pure ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’.

‘Let me experience your ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’!’

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a brilliant fighting spirit. He wanted to just how powerful the Demon Emperor’s famed battle technique would be in the hands of a purely demonic path martial artist!

He wanted to see how this compared to his own self-created techniques!


With a loud cry, Situ Chuan’s spear shot forwards. His first attack was Blood Seal Twisting Murder! The crimson Blood Drinking Seals rapidly revolved, issuing out harsh grating sounds as if space itself was being torn to shreds.

In these 10 moves, Situ Chuan would go all out with everything he had. He would naturally try to kill Lin Ming in these 10 moves.

Lin Ming didn’t plan on staying his hand. He also didn’t underestimate Situ Chan. With a thrust of his spear, the dual Concepts of Thunder and Fire fused together, intensely colliding with Blood Seal Twisting Murder.


Blood Seals smashed onto Lin Ming’s red spear, wanting to bounce the spear away. This was Blood Seal Twisting Murder’s special effect – twisting away the weapon and directly piercing the chest.

Lin Ming had already expected this. He poured his battle spirit into the shaft of his spear; the Concept of Thunderfire erupted.


A sound filled the air like a bolt of heavenly thunder crashing into the earth. A terrifying air wave washed out in all directions. Even though the Nine Flower Lake Pavilion was protected by a hidden array formation, this array formation still creaked and trembled like a small boat in choppy seas.

Great waves rose within the once calm Nine Flower Lake. If the ice lotuses floating on the lake didn’t have the protection of array formations then they would have probably been ravaged into flying ash by the fierce detonation of energy.

Yang Yun looked the same throughout, but Lin Ming actually knew just how valuable these ice lotuses were. They were all comparable to heavenly materials. Once the array formation was broken, the losses would be immense.

With a tap of his toes, Lin Ming jumped off the jade platform and flew towards the snowy mountains.

At this time, Situ Chuan had long since been stirred up into a frenzied rage, his eyes bright red like a rabid madman. He could hardly care for these Nine Flower Lake ice lotuses that were simply used to make tea.

He thought that Lin Ming had run away because he couldn’t withstand his Blood Seal Twisting Murder. With a sneer, Situ Chuan clearly shouted, “You gutless small fry! Where are you running to!? Primeval Spear Strike!”

With a thrust of his spear, Blood Drinking Seals spun around, creating a twisting red storm. This sort of storm seemed to twist space, forming a powerful suction force like a black hole that swallowed all.

Moves of the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ contained the Concept of Space. When Lin Ming first started to comprehend the offensive use of the Concept of Space, that had all begun from this ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’!

Situ Chuan was overjoyed as he saw Lin Ming’s speed suddenly reduce. All martial artists that were caught in his Primeval Spear Strike were like flies in a spider web; it was impossible to escape.

With a clear cry, Situ Chuan’s killing intent locked onto Lin Ming. The Concept of Space fused into his spear as he thrust it towards the point between Lin Ming’s eyebrows!

This spear seemed slow but it passed through space in the blink of an eye, suddenly appearing like ghosts and gods in front of Lin Ming!

Such an ephemeral and mystical style had allowed Situ Chuan to slaughter countless masters. This was the move he was most proud of!

However, as Lin Ming faced this spear that suddenly appeared in front of him, his expression didn’t even change a tiny bit.

“This is your Concept of Space? Your skill is far too lacking!”

Ho -!

Lin Ming also thrust out a spear. This spear strike seemed even slower than Situ Chuan’s!

However, what was unbelievably strange was that for some unknown reason, Lin Ming’s spear light reached Situ Chuan’s chest first!


Situ Chuan was incomparably shocked, losing all his composure. That spear light had suddenly bloomed in front of his eyes, nearly blinding him!


Situ Chan flew backwards, all of his protective true essence shattered. Blood swelled up within his body but was forcefully suppressed by him. As he looked down, he saw that a large hole had appeared in the heaven-step treasure armor he wore, copious amounts of blood flowing from it.

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