Chapter 786 Domineering

Chapter 786 – Domineering


The Asura Prince’s few words shocked all of the martial artists present. These sorts of words were equal to accusing Lin Ming of stealing away their Asura Clan’s Demon Emperor Armor.

All of the heroic young elites present had heard more or less of Lin Ming’s armor. When Lin Ming and Corpsemancer fought, at the moment that both of them attacked each other in a suicidal manner, Lin Ming had relied on this black armor to block Corpsemancer’s final strike.

Otherwise, this eternal top talent might have perished that day.

According to this Asura Prince, that Demon Emperor Armor originally belonged to the Asura Divine Kingdom.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s eyes became ice cold. The Demon Emperor Armor was a treasure he had personally taken out from the Cosmic Melting Furnace, yet this black-clothed youth in front of him was actually claiming that it was a sacred relic lost by his Asura Divine Kingdom and wanted to take it back. How could Lin Ming not be angered by such an overbearingly false charge?

“You say that my armor belongs to your Asura Divine Kingdom? What evidence do you have?” Lin Ming slowly stood up, a faint chill in his voice.

In fact, Lin Ming already thought that there was some connection between the Asura Divine Kingdom and the Holy Demon Continent. The Asura Divine Kingdom cultivated the demonic path, and Corpsemancer also had a Giant Demon Puppet that had come from the Asura Divine Kingdom. From this alone it could be seen that the Asura Divine Kingdom must have members of the Giant Demon race that came from the Holy Demon Continent.

The black-clothed youth jeered at Lin Ming with disdain, “Evidence? Humph! Do you think that as a noble Asura Divine Kingdom Prince, I would actually lay a false charge against you? Even the common mortals know that the first great Demon Emperor is my Asura Divine Kingdom’s faith and first generation Sovereign King. As for that black armor you’re wearing, it was forged by the Demon Emperor himself!

“That’s it? That’s your evidence?” Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a mocking smile, “The Demon Emperor is your Asura Divine Kingdom’s first Sovereign King?”

From his memories, Lin Ming knew that the sect the Demon Emperor had established in the Sky Spill Continent was the South Sea’s Demon God Imperial Palace. But the Demon God Imperial Palace was destroyed after and the Demon Emperor ascended into the Realm of the Gods. He had simply never established any sort of Asura Divine Kingdom.

And the most vital point was that the Demon Emperor existed 70,000-80,000 years ago. How could he possibly be the Asura Divine Kingdom’s first Sovereign King?

As the Asura Prince saw Lin Ming’s taunting smile, he grew angry, “Who do you think you are? Do you dare to ridicule my Asura Divine Kingdom!?”

As he spoke, the Asura Prince released a thick killing intent. The temperature throughout the entire pavilion lowered until a cold wind blew throughout.

Lin Ming remained unmoved. There were indeed several people that alarmed him here, especially that Nine Furnace Crown Prince, Yang Yun. It could be said that he was unfathomable.

But the Asura Prince wasn’t included in that group. This Asura Prince was only around 30 years old; he was simply nothing at all. “How many years of history does your Asura Divine Kingdom have? Do you know how long ago it was that the Demon Emperor existed?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s question, the Asura Prince’s face flashed with pride and disdain. Although he was staring at Lin Ming, he didn’t even see him at all as if he were nothing but air. “The Demon Emperor is a character that lived 70,000 years ago. My Asura Divine Kingdom was officially founded only 12,000 years ago, but before that my Asura Divine Kingdom was actually a hidden sect for 70,000 years! We are the most ancient sect within the entire Sky Spill Continent, bar none!”

As the Asura Prince uttered these words, Yang Yun appeared very calm without a trace of an expression at all. But the Great Smelting Prince frowned, obviously not willing to acknowledge this.

“Although there hasn’t been any phantom recordings of your battle with Corpsemancer, but my Asura Divine Kingdom was able to use a special technique to investigate the memories of the spectators. Your Demon Emperor Armor has special characteristics that are explicitly described in the ancient texts of my Asura Divine Kingdom; the appearance and nature are fully consistent with the descriptions! By just this point alone I wouldn’t have full confidence the armor you’re wearing is the Demon Emperor Armor; after all, it might be a replica. But the most important evidence I have is that your Demon Emperor Armor is missing its heartguard mirror, and that heartguard mirror is in the possession of my Asura Divine Kingdom!”

As the Asura Prince spoke, he took out a black metal disc from his spatial ring; this was the Demon God Emperor’s heartguard mirror.

“Everyone, this is a replica of my Asura Divine Kingdom’s Demon Emperor Armor’s heartguard mirror. Lin Lanjian, do you dare to show that armor you’re wearing and let us all have a look as to whether you’re missing a heartguard mirror? I can tell you that the shape of the gap in the Demon Emperor Armor exactly matches this replica heartguard mirror!”

The Asura Prince’s words were aggressively spoken. All of the heroic young elites present looked at Lin Ming. Several of them had heard of an approximate description of Lin Ming’s demon armor; it seemed it was indeed missing a heartguard mirror.

If this were true, then the Asura Prince’s words weren’t groundless.

In the face of the Asura Prince’s accusations, Lin Ming wasn’t panicked or in disbelief as everyone thought he would be. Instead, his expression was that of cold decisiveness, as if everything the Asura Prince had said about the heartguard mirror didn’t matter at all.

“Didn’t you hear me!?” The Asura Prince took a fierce step forward and took out a chillingly cold long spear from his spatial ring.

Yang Yun stood up at this time, “Situ Chuan, everyone here today are guests that I have personally invited. This Nine Flowers Banquet is a gathering of astounding young elites from all over the world. Are you planning on causing an upheaval at my Nine Flowers Banquet?”

Yang Yun’s words didn’t carry any momentum with them, but they still gave of an inexplicably fearful feeling. Even the Asura Prince felt somewhat afraid.

At this time, another black-clothed martial artist stood up and said, “Your Highness Crown Prince, we have no intention of causing any conflict at this banquet. It’s just that my Asura Divine Kingdom’s Demon Emperor Armor truly was lost 12,000 years ago. My Asura Divine Kingdom opened the Demon Emperor Mystic Realm left behind by the Demon Emperor in order to take out the rare treasures he kept there. However, because of spies that were mixed into our sect, some dastardly thieves managed to sneak their way in and make out with part of our inheritances and treasures. I suspect that this Demon Emperor Armor is one of them! It is an extremely important holy relic of my Divine Kingdom; we must recover it by any means possible.”

The martial artist who spoke was also from the Asura Divine Kingdom, a High Prince Successor. Although he was no longer cut off from the inheritances of direct descendants, he still cared a great deal about the Demon Emperor Armor. According to the ancient records the complete Demon Emperor Armor could not only defend against attacks but also increase a martial artist’s strength and true essence, playing a ghostly and unpredictable effect in battle.

Besides, Lin Ming might even have cultivation methods or other inheritances of the Demon Emperor. If he could recover this then he would have an opportunity to train them.

The black-clothed martial artist spoke to Yang Yun and then turned to Lin Ming, “Lin Lanjian, we won’t investigate how you came about that Demon Emperor Armor as long as you return it to us. In fact, not only will we not dig into your past but we will also grant you a few gifts in gratitude. We believe that Young Hero Lin truly must not have known that the Demon Emperor Armor originated as a main inheritance of my Asura Divine Kingdom.”

The Asura Divine Kingdom’s High Successor already felt that he was gracious enough. If Lin Ming knew his limits then he should back down now. But in the next moment, Lin Ming’s response nearly caused his lungs to explode in range.

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring and sneered, “I’ve never seen someone so shameless that never cared about face before. You’re saying that just because that heartguard mirror matches with my Demon Emperor Armor that it belongs to your Asura Divine Kingdom? How ridiculous. Why don’t you say that your Asura Divine Kingdom’s heartguard mirror belongs to me originally?”

“Lin Lanjian, do you want to die!?” The black-clothed martial artist pounded the table. He had never seen such a crazy person that dared to insult their Asura Divine Kingdom like so.

The Asura Prince Situ Chuan had an extremely ugly complexion. He pointed his spear point straight at Lin Ming and said with a voice full of killing intent, “Brother Yang, you saw what happened. It isn’t me not giving you face but this Lin Lanjian doesn’t care about decorum at all. We already decided not to investigate how Lin Lanjian’s seniors stole their way into my Asura Divine Kingdom’s Demon Emperor Mystic realm, but this man actually dares to be so shameless as to say that all those stolen treasures belong to him! Brother Yang, even if you must stop me today I will still wet the earth with blood!”

At this point, within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, Demonshine was already angrily growling. No matter how anyone considered it, only Demonshine could be considered the most worthy descendant of the Demon Emperor.

“This group of smelly brats are truly shameless; they actually dare to pose as the Demon Emperor’s descendants! This Saint is about to laugh to death! They must have somehow found their way into Master’s mystic realm 12,000 years ago. Then, they plundered the mystic realm and obtained the heartguard mirror as well as some rare cultivation method manuals. As for all that talk about spies and thieves, those should have been competitors that entered the mystic realm with them. It’s just that this so-called Asura Divine Kingdom must have obtained the majority of the goods while everyone else only obtained a little bit.”

“Then those damned fellows must have posed as Master’s descendants and then claimed that all of Master’s inheritances belonged to them. They are simply brain addled idiots! Lin Ming! Kill him! Paint the walls with his blood!”

Considering what he himself knew, together with his incomplete memories of the Demon Emperor, Lin Ming also agreed with Demonshine. The Asura Divine Kingdom that claimed to be the so-called descendants of the Demon Emperor must have found one of the Demon Emperor’s mystic realms from somewhere, one that hadn't been the Demon God Imperial Palace either. As for that Demon Emperor Armor being stolen from the mystic realm, that was simply nonsense.

Lin Ming said, “The mystic realms left behind by the ancient ancestors are all ownerless to begin with. They’re left for the fated ones to obtain the treasures within. Your Asura Divine Kingdom only managed to obtain one of the multiple mystic realms that the Demon Emperor left behind, and yet you actually dare to claim without any justification at all that the Demon Emperor is the first Sovereign King of your Asura Divine Kingdom and say that everything related to the Demon Emperor from all the mystic realms of the world actually belong completely to you. How openly and brazenly shameless of you!”

“Lin Lanjian! You dare to insult my Asura Divine Kingdom again and again! If I don’t kill you today, I’ll never rest!” The Asura Prince revealed a thick killing intent. His expression as he looked at Lin Ming was as if he were staring at a person who had already died.

Lin Ming was well aware that further words were useless. He extracted the red spear from his spatial ring and coldly said, “If you want to fight then let’s fight, don’t waste my time!”

“Good! You truly are crazy! Lin Lanjian, since you want to die so bad then let me help you along! Brother Yang! You have already heard that Lin Lanjian does not oppose this battle! As such, it can’t be described as ruining your Nine Flowers Banquet!” As Situ Chuan spoke, his lips curved up in a vicious smile. He had already decided to kill Lin Ming here and take away the Demon Emperor Armor. This would be a great accomplishment for him!

If he used a soul searching technique he might even be able to find traces of the Demon Emperor’s other inheritances from Lin Ming. This might even include the more precious latter layers of the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’! Situ Chuan didn’t believe for a second that Lin Ming could have such accomplishments today without benefitting from top cultivation methods. As long as he could steal away these techniques and study them himself, then his strength would be greater and the Asura Divine Kingdom would be that much stronger.

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