Chapter 786 – Domineering

Chapter 786 – Domineering


The Asura Prince’s few words shocked all of the martial artists present. These sorts of words were equal to accusing Lin Ming of stealing away their Asura Clan’s Demon Emperor Armor.

All of the heroic young elites present had heard more or less of Lin Ming’s armor. When Lin Ming and Corpsemancer fought, at the moment that both of them attacked each other in a suicidal manner, Lin Ming had relied on this black armor to block Corpsemancer’s final strike.

Otherwise, this eternal top talent might have perished that day.

According to this Asura Prince, that Demon Emperor Armor originally belonged to the Asura Divine Kingdom.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s eyes became ice cold. The Demon Emperor Armor was a treasure he had personally taken out from the Cosmic Melting Furnace, yet this black-clothed youth in front of him was actually claiming that it was a sacred relic lost by his Asura Divine Kingdom and wanted to take it back. How could Lin Ming not be angered by such an overbearingly false charge?

“You say that my armor belongs to your Asura Divine Kingdom? What evidence do you have?” Lin Ming slowly stood up, a faint chill in his voice.

In fact, Lin Ming already thought that there was some connection between the Asura Divine Kingdom and the Holy Demon...

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