Chapter 784 – The Crown Prince’s Invitation

Chapter 784 – The Crown Prince’s Invitation

In the past few days, Lin Ming had come to understand what sort of person the Nine Furnace Crown Prince was.

His name was Yang Yun, and his martial talent was extraordinary. It seemed as if he had come across an immense fortuitous encounter when he was young, and had now broken through to Life Destruction at a mere 30 years of age.

Yang Yun was a character that wielded alarming power throughout the entire Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. He wasn’t on a level that the likes of Li Yifeng could even compare to.

Although Li Yifeng was a Prince, there was a vast difference in their respective influence. Putting aside the disparity between the Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s strength and the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s strength, just Yang Yun and Li Yifeng’s respective status in their Divine Kingdoms alone was incomparable.

Li Yifeng could at best be considered a playboy, and had a natural disposition towards laziness and fun. His finances were all controlled, and he had even been punished with confinement before.

As for the Nine Furnace Crown Prince, he had at least five subordinates that were all Destiny Decree masters, and he himself was also ranked on the Destiny Decree. It was just that his ranking had been omitted from the Decree, and there hadn’t been any information dispatched about him for many...

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