Chapter 783 – First Appearance On The Destiny Decree

Chapter 783 – First Appearance On The Destiny Decree

There were a total of 360 Life Destruction powerhouses ranked on the Destiny Decree. Those that could make the list on the Density Decree all had a certain degree of hope that they would one day reach the Divine Sea. Thus, most of those on the Destiny Decree were devoted cultivators and spent the majority of their life closed up in seclusion, rarely seen in public.

Many major forces hoped to win over a few Destiny Decree masters to act as foreign patrons that could assist them. However, besides a few top national level forces, even the countless organizations as wealthy as the Heavencraft Trading Company could not ever hope to win over one.

Each Divine Kingdom only had a few dozen Destiny Decree powerhouses at their disposal. Moreover, for someone at their boundary, their main pursuit in life had become breaking through to the Divine Sea realm. Besides training and seeking out lucky breaks, they simply didn’t care for dueling others. As for the struggles of wealth and power in the world, those were even more boring and worthless in their eyes.

The only reason some Destiny Decree powerhouses were even willing to join top national influences was because of the vast amounts of resources that these organizations could provide.

Because of how influential the Destiny Decree was, every major player in the world paid close attention to...

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