Chapter 782 Killing Corpsemancer

Chapter 782 – Killing Corpsemancer

“Could that youth have been hacked to death by Corpsemancer?”

“What an idiot. He actually attacked Corpsemancer’s puppet at the last moment. Was his brain fried or something?” A Xiantian martial artist asked out loud with a mocking smirk.

“Shut up!” An old man near him coldly humphed, “Do you think that everyone is as stupid as you are? That youth is one of Sky Spill Continent’s favored sons of heaven! It’s impossible that he wouldn’t know how to battle a puppet master!”

The Xiantian martial artist looked a bit ugly as he was reprimanded. Still, he began mumbling to himself, obviously not convinced.

“Something’s wrong. Corpsemancer wasn’t injured but why is he standing still there? Could that youth have attacked Corpsemancer somehow and we didn’t notice?”

“Just who won? What’s happening here?”

Ten miles away, Xiaoxiao gripped her chest as her heart tightened in pain. Lin Ming and Corpsemancer were both immobile; this made her incomparably nervous.

To her, Lin Ming’s victory or defeat was the difference between heaven and hell.


“Don’t worry, that Lin Lanjian is alright. But that Corpsemancer… Lin Lanjian obviously could have attacked Corpsemancer at the last moment, but he chose to attack the bat puppet instead. I really don’t understand what is going on here…”

As the black-clothed old woman spoke halfway, a scene that left all martial artists confounded occurred. That Corpsemancer who was in front of Lin Ming suddenly fell from the sky, smashing into the ground!

Everyone was shocked. Just what was going on!?

Lin Ming’s face was pallid as he reached out a hand and released a wisp of his battle spirit. The red long spear shot out and returned to Lin Ming’s hand.

Then, everyone found that above Lin Ming’s spearpoint, there was actually some fat meaty thing stuck atop it. And that thing was still convulsing and wriggling around.

This was actually a human brain!

As Lin Ming saw this white and glistening human brain, he let out a long breath.

It was over.

A puppet master could transform any part of their body, but there was one place that they couldn’t change. That was – their spiritual sea!

The spiritual sea depended on the brain to exist. Corpsemancer’s body had already been altered beyond all recognition. Now, his only true existence was his brain.

Zi zi zi!

The brain mass on Lin Ming’s spearpoint was actually fiercely struggling. Moreover, it was sending out grating screams, vacillating up and down as if it were a giant fat white worm.

Lin Ming could feel words flowing into his spiritual sea. “Don’t kill me! I will give you puppet techniques; I can tell you all the secrets of the Asura Divine Kingdom! With your talent and my knowledge, you can grasp the entire Sky Spill Continent in your hands and rule the world! It’s impossible for you to find out what I know, even if I don’t tell you of my own volition. Don’t think of using the soul searching technique on me; I can self-destruct my spiritual sea!”

“I don’t need you to self-destruct. In fact, I’ll help annihilate you!” Lin Ming sneered, having no intention of bantering with this thing. He had absolutely no desire to learn anything like this strange puppet technique that turned one into something that didn’t seem like a human or ghost.

“No… no!!!”


Vibrating true essence sprang forth from Lin Ming’s fingertips and ran up the red spear like a viper!


Corpsemancer sent out a final pitiful scream. With a popping sound, the brain burst apart into a thick white liquid like rice porridge.

Corpsemancer had died.

As Grandma White, Rong Lin, and other Life Destruction masters saw this, they suddenly realized what had happened. Before that final strike occurred, Corpsemancer had shifted his brain into the skull of the bat puppet. Then, he had controlled his main body to perish together with Lin Ming.

This was a completely ruthless and insidious move. Once Lin Ming fell for it, he would still be severely wounded even if he didn’t die. He absolutely wouldn’t be able to fight against the bat puppet Corpsemancer.

But Lin Ming had clearly realized what sort of change had occurred in those fleeting last moments. He had thus given up his attack on Corpsemancer’s main body and switched his target to the bat puppet!

If these were peaceful times and one carefully investigated with their perception, then it wouldn’t be difficult to find out just where Corpsemancer’s brain had gone. But during that fierce battle just now, in that critical moment, Lin Ming had been able to discover this point! Now that was truly horrifying!

Slowly, all of the martial artists began to understand what had happened. Even those that were confused had the series of events explained to them.

For a time, a pall of silence fell over the entire city. Just who was this youth who had managed to exterminate Corpsemancer?

Some people noticed that Lin Ming was wearing a jet-black armor on his body. There was just a circular gap on the chest area, as if it were missing its heartguard mirror.

It was because of this armor that Lin Ming hadn’t been cut in half by the Evil Hate Scythe.

What sort of armor was this that it could block Corpsemancer’s final strike?

Hu –

Lin Ming took out a new set of clothes from his spatial ring and tossed it on, immediately covering the Demon Emperor’s armor. When Lin Ming had first worn the Demon Emperor’s armor he placed some minor camouflage on it because he didn’t want to attract others’ attention. But, that powerful attack of Corpsemancer just now had completely ruined his careful concealment.

For a short period of time, this armor should attract some people’s attention. But Lin Ming didn’t worry too much. Tens of thousands of years had already passed; it was impossible for others to recognize the Demon Emperor’s armor.

Lin Ming received the broken bat puppet and the other puppets and then dropped down from the skies.

As he landed on the ground, all of the surrounding martial artists quickly scattered away from him in shock. Facing such an evil star, no one dared to remain near him, much less approach him. Even the city guard couldn’t dream of controlling him. If anyone died here because of him then they could only blame their bad luck.

Lin Ming ignored the surrounding martial artists and gathered up Corpsemancer’s corpse and spatial ring. Then, he sent a sound transmitting talisman to Xiaoxiao and flew towards her. At this time he needed to recuperate from his wounds. In that battle just now he had used every ability he had. Not only did he consume a massive amount of energy but he was also seriously wounded.

“He won… Sir Lin actually won…”

As Xiaoxiao saw Lin Ming fly towards her, her lips faintly shivered. Even she didn’t dare to believe that this was real and not a dream.

A Destiny Decree master had actually been killed by Lin Ming! And Lin Ming was only at the late Revolving Core realm.

Xiaoxiao never imagined that the young man she met several days ago could actually kill a Destiny Decree master!

Every character ranked on the Destiny Decree was an earthshaking, all-powerful existence. Even if Heavencraft Pavilion called upon their complete resources they would still find it hard to move such a character to action.

“He really won. Young miss, your father’s spirit must be protecting us to have us encounter such an amazing person!” Beside Xiaoxiao, Grandma White began to cry. In these past days, Xiaoxiao had faced an infinite amount of pressure, but so had Grandma White. She had looked after Xiaoxiao as she grew up, and after receiving the grace of her father, she completely regarded Xiaoxiao as her own granddaughter.

When Lin Ming flew in front of Xiaoxiao, her entire face was wet with tears. For a time she was overwhelmed and unable to speak a single word.

“Lin… Sir Lin, I sincerely thank you…”

“I must heal first.”

Lin Ming had no intention of speaking too much and flew directly to Heavencraft Pavilion. The current environment was not safe and he needed to ensure that he was at his peak condition. Otherwise, if he encountered a more powerful enemy he wouldn’t even be able to escape.

As the martial artists of Witch Creek City saw Lin Ming fly towards Heavencraft Pavilion with Xiaoxiao and Grandma White in tow, all of them were flabbergasted.

“So it’s someone invited by Heavencraft Pavilion.”

“Just who is he? It’s impossible for him to be in his twenties. He should be several hundred years old but just looks young.”

A young martial artist muttered out loud. He was a genius of Witch Creek City’s younger generation, but compared to Lin Ming he was nothing at all. He simply couldn’t accept that they were of similar age.

“Don’t be stupid, he isn’t even at the Life Destruction realm. Only when a martial artist reaches the Life Destruction realm can they burn some of their cultivation to renew their youth. And this is only appearances – it doesn’t lengthen their lifespan. Normally only female martial artists that value their appearance too much would do such things. Men normally wouldn’t. After all, rejuvenating your appearance requires you to burn not a small amount of your cultivation.”

“This is incredible news. He’s so young and yet he killed a Destiny Decree master. The Destiny Decree will change again. Perhaps the four great intelligence networks will release a revised Destiny Decree soon.”

Witch Creek City couldn’t be considered a small city of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, thus they naturally had branches of the intelligence networks here as well as eyes from the various major forces.

The news that Lin Ming had killed Corpsemancer quickly passed through every major intelligence network. And Lin Ming’s name was also inquired – Lin Lanjian.


At this time, in the front hall of Heavencraft Pavilion the purple-clothed Xiaoxiao knelt down in front of Lin Ming and was deeply bowing with reverential respect. “Sir Lin, I will never forget this gratitude as long as I live!”

Grandma White also bowed. This was no longer just helping Xiaoxiao ascend to the position of Company Head, but had involved saving Xiaoxiao’s very life. As she deeply bowed before Lin Ming, her heart hated Xiaoxiao’s two great uncles to the extreme. She cursed them for their ruthlessness. They had actually gone to look for someone like Corpsemancer – that was the same as kicking Xiaoxiao into the depths hell.

Since they no longer cared for face, she wouldn’t keep any more scruples with her. As long as Lin Ming was here, she simply didn’t fear a battle to the death.

“Miss Heavencraft, there is no need to bow to me.” Lin Ming waved his hand. “We are just helping each other out according to the previous agreement. Miss Heavencraft must not forget my dragonspine grass either.”

“I will definitely help Sir Lin find it as soon as possible. This is my Heavencraft Pavilion’s Snow Ice Divine Pill. It has miraculous healing effects and also has the use of nourishing the meridians and dantian. Sir Lin, please accept it.”

Xiaoxiao extended a pill box with both hands, respectfully presenting it to Lin Ming.

This was a miracle cure controlled by Heavencraft Pavilion. With Xiaoxiao’s current authority, she didn’t have the authorization to give it away without the approval of the Council of Elders.

But now that the situation had devolved to this level and she had nearly been killed by her two great uncles, Xiaoxiao could no longer care about whatever Council of Elders.

Having Lin Ming restore himself to his peak combat strength was the most important matter at hand.

Lin Ming glanced at the white divine pill within the pill box. Indeed, it contained an incomparably rich heaven and earth origin energy. Even Lin Ming, who had seen a great number of miracle medicines in his time, also felt his heart stir.

He didn’t decline. He directly received the box and then entered his training chambers to restore himself.

The battle with Corpsemancer had been strenuous and exacting on Lin Ming. However, he had gained a number of insights during it and needed to seize this chance to digest them.

As everyone expected, in just a mere three days after Lin Ming and Corpsemancer’s battle, a new Destiny Decree was issued forth.

Every three years, the four great intelligence networks would collect all new information on every Life Destruction powerhouse’s cultivation, progress, and recent battles. They would then use all this information to speculate on their current approximate strength. This was when a new Destiny Decree would be released. Generally, there would be far-reaching changes every time.

Between the two issues of the Destiny Decree, if there was a fight between Destiny Decree powerhouses or a Destiny Decree powerhouse was killed, leading to a clear change in ranks, then a new revised edition of the Destiny Decree would be released.

And this time, the revision of the Destiny Decree was because of Lin Ming.

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