Chapter 781 – The Demon Emperor’s Armor

Chapter 781 – The Demon Emperor’s Armor

When Corpsemancer had finished speaking, he traced his spatial ring, and another puppet came flying out. It was a humanoid puppet that was wearing a set of armor made entirely of bone. Its body burned with dark green corpse fire; simply looking at the flickering flames caused one to feel a chill in their soul.

“That’s likely the bat puppet recorded on the Destiny Decree.”

“Those ghostly green flames... you shouldn’t be wrong. That’s a puppet refined from the corpse of another Destiny Decree master!”

Martial artists had a formidable level of soul force, and thus had near-photographic memory. Nearly everyone present had memorized all of the information on the 360 masters of the Destiny Decree. Most of the famous abilities used by these masters were recorded on the Destiny Decree.

And the puppet that Corpsemancer had brought out was his strongest puppet yet—the bat.

The bat puppet was refined from a Destiny Decree master that Corpsemancer had killed in order to be listed on the Destiny Decree himself. At the time, Corpsemancer’s strongest puppet had been cut down by that master, and completely destroyed. Thus, after Corpsemancer had killed the Destiny Decree master, he used his corpse as the foundation for an even...

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