Chapter 780 – Stepping Onto the Highest Stage

Chapter 780 – Stepping Onto the Highest Stage

“This is a Giant Demon puppet that I carefully crafted myself. I call it… the Gargoyle. Let me take a good look at just how many of my puppets you can force me to use!”

Giant Demon puppet? So it seemed that the Sky Spill Continent also had a Giant Demon race. Just where had this Giant Demon corpse come from?

The Sky Spill Continent and the Holy Demon Continent were both isolated from each other. The last time that they had contact with each other was likely when the Netherworld Great Emperor traveled to the Sky Spill Continent through the Demon Emperor’s transmission array and then later on founded the Silent Demon Emperor City.

If it was said that there were Giant Demon skeletons from thousands of years ago then Lin Ming wouldn’t be surprised. But, puppet techniques required the use of fresh corpses in order to function properly. This meant that one of the four Divine Kingdoms had members of the Giant Demon race within them.

“Where is your Giant Demon corpse from?” Lin Ming directly asked.

“Hehe, of course it comes from the Asura Divine Kingdom. Is that so strange? This old man has no interest in bantering with the likes of you. Now die!”

Corpsemancer gave a loud shout and the Giant Demon puppet extracted...

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