Chapter 779 – The Great Battle of Witch Creek City

Chapter 779 – The Great Battle of Witch Creek City

Large cities naturally had the law and order of large cities, otherwise, they simply couldn’t be called a city. There would be no difference between them and the barbaric wilds filled with bandits and strife.

In Witch Creek City, all who took part in public fighting would suffer severe punishment. Anyone who ignored warnings would even be executed.

“The city guards are on their way. Then there will truly be a good show to watch, haha!”

And as everyone expected, they city guards quickly caught up. The captain of them was a man named Rong Lin. Before everyone arrived he shouted out, “Just who the hell do you two think you are!? You dare to fight so openly in my Witch Creek City! How insolent!”

As the captain of the city guards, he was generally a solemn and dignified character. Usually, just a single shout from him was enough to frighten others and solve any problem.

But this time, after he shouted out his warning, he was actually ignored. He stared with eyes wide open, as his vision tightly locked onto that skinny skeleton old man that was flying in the air. Then, his complexion completely paled.


He was petrified the spot.

“Captain, those two fellows are far too arrogant, they actually dare to fight in the skies of my Witch...

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