Chapter 778 – First Battle of the Destiny Decree

Chapter 778 – First Battle of the Destiny Decree

Although Heavencraft Xiao couldn’t bear to thrust Xiaoxiao into the fiery pit of doom, he was well aware of just what it meant to stand in the Crown Prince’s good grace.

The Crown Prince was very ambitious. It was even possible that he would become the most powerful Divine Emperor in the history of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. If he could follow the Crown Prince then he would be able to step onto a larger stage and achieve a greater ideal.

“I’m sorry Xiaoxiao, but a great man must be ruthless. For my descendants, for the future glory of the Heavencraft Trading Company, I can only make you the small sacrifice to achieve the greater good.”

When Corpsemancer saw Heavencraft Xiao nod in agreement, he strangely cackled and said, “A wise man can recognize the situation!”

As he said these words he jumped onto his crow puppet and flew away in a cloud of dust.

Heavencraft Yun was left behind. His face was pallid and his lips trembled. In the end, he merely sighed, not saying anything at all.


“Little Jade, bring me a basin of water so I can wash my face.” Heavencraft Xiaoxiao ordered a maid.

“Yes, young lady.” A young girl in an aquamarine dress ran to fetch a basin of water and a white towel.

“Little Jade, my eyelids have been jumping all day. I fear that...

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